Applications are presently being accepted for the esteemed 2024 TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry.

This year, the award, generously sponsored by Searle Company Ltd, aims to recognize the accomplishments of a chemist under the age of 40 hailing from a science-and-technology lagging country (STLC), who has resided and conducted research in their respective country for a minimum of two years prior to their nomination. The award carries a prize of $5,000.

Nominations for this prestigious accolade are welcomed from a diverse range of entities including TWAS members, science academies, national research councils, universities, and scientific institutions both from developing and developed nations.


Qualified applicants must be chemists under the age of 40, originating from developing nations, and residing in Scientifically and Technologically Lagging (STL) countries for at least two consecutive years preceding their nomination. This opportunity is open to individuals across all specialties within the field of Chemistry.


The initial selection process for nominees will occur at TWAS, where a pre-screening will be conducted. Following this, the nomination dossiers of eligible candidates will be forwarded to jury members for thorough evaluation. Subsequently, Professor Atta-ur-Rahman will make the final decision in selecting the recipient based on the assessments provided by the jury. This process ensures a fair and comprehensive review of all potential candidates, with each step aimed at identifying the most deserving individual for the award. By involving esteemed professionals like Professor Atta-ur-Rahman and a diverse jury panel, the selection process maintains transparency and integrity, upholding the prestige of the award and honoring excellence in the respective field.

How to nominate a scientist

Nominations for the 2024 awards must be submitted electronically via the online platform. To initiate a new nomination, simply click on the “NEW NOMINATION” button located at the bottom of the page. For nominations that have been previously saved, you can easily resume working on them by clicking on the “RESUME” button also found at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the deadline for submitting nominations is set for May 10, 2024. However, we strongly advise against waiting until the deadline approaches.

It is highly recommended to submit your nomination at your earliest convenience. Doing so will facilitate a quicker processing time on our end, ensuring that your nomination receives the attention it deserves.

For More Information:

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