Free Review for CV, Cover Letter and Motivation letters

Every weekends our Human Resources Specialist review CV, Cover Letters and Motivational letters completely free from 12 Midnight until Sunday 12Midnight.

This is how it’s done

We pick randomly and also considering first come first serve in a certain way.

We sometimes breach the rules of random selection and first come first serve when we spot a “Except CV, Cover Letter and Motivational letters”

The “Except” is attached to CVs, Cover Letters, Motivational Letters that has a great content but not in its better form,

When such is spotted we must pick such and reach the owner for probably more information if need be.

Great Contents we mean; that the owner has humanitarian Volunteering Services/ experience, Good Education background, has take courses (free or paid) remote or on-site.

This does not come at all time but it’s an exception and we love to review such, so  it does not hinder your chances

It also an exception to the number of CVs, Cover Letters, and Motivational Letters we can review for free on weekends.

What this means is that if we are to select and review 100 (CVs, Cover Letters, Motivational Letters) spotting the “Except” will increase to the number instead

We currently have four (4) Human Resources Specialist for the free review hence the limited number for every weekend.

As we recruit more Human Resources we shall increase the number.

The free review is for everyone from any country in the world.

It’s not must that you will be selected the first time you send yours, so if you are not selected the first time, second trial is advised.

Once selected for free review our Human Resources will reach our to the owner.

All CVs, Cover Letters, Motivational Letters sent for  free review should be sent to the provided Channel only

Any CVs, Cover Letters, Motivational Letters sent to the unspecified channel for the free review will be disregarded.

A lot of persons have sent theirs in previous times to unspecified channel in an attempt to get selected and because they have such channel at their disposal

The channel may change from time to time hence we advise that you don’t save the channel to send automatically.

Always read carefully and type the correct specified channel

We may change this procedures from time to time at certain occurrences eg. Increasing the number of Human Resources and increase the number of CVs, Cover Letters, Motivational Letters to review for free

Application made on our job site that has the  CV or cover letter we received has a better chance.

When you are selected for a free review you will be congratulated and asked to provide if need be some information needed to draft a professional CV, cover letter, Motivational letter for you, such information may include the accurate dates of working experience, education and more.

If you have been selected once or twice you are still qualitied for further review when you think you have gained more experience that need to be added to your CV, and Cover Letters, Motivational Letters which should be tailored to a particular application.

Do do send for free review on weekdays, rather wait till weekend and check which channel is provided for you to send your CVs, Cover Letters, Motivational Letters.

It could sometimes be via a WhatsApp, Telegraph, direct LinkedIn or Facebook inbox etc.

To get free review for this weekend send Fill here

[email protected]

With the phrase “Review of the Month”

Remember this could change next weekend

Good luck