2025 Fully Funded U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program

Introduction to the U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program


Applications are currently being accepted for the prestigious 2025 U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement.

This initiative, generously funded by the US Department of State, is designed to empower emerging leaders in Africa by facilitating the exchange and implementation of best practices for inclusive civic engagement.

The program is specifically tailored to support around 12 mid-career professionals dedicated to disability rights from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia. These individuals, referred to as Fellows, will have the unique opportunity to partake in a comprehensive five-week Fellowship Program in the United States during the spring of 2024.

Through this immersive experience, participants will engage in a variety of activities aimed at enhancing their knowledge, skills, and networks in the field of inclusive civic engagement. They will have access to a diverse array of resources, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, all geared towards fostering their growth as effective leaders and change-makers within their respective communities.

The Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement serves as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and innovation, empowering Fellows to address pressing challenges and drive positive change in their societies. By facilitating cross-cultural exchange and the sharing of best practices, the program aims to cultivate a global network of advocates committed to advancing the rights and inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

Participants in the program will not only gain valuable insights and perspectives from their peers and mentors but will also have the chance to contribute their own expertise and experiences to the collective learning environment. Through collaborative projects, site visits, and interactive sessions, Fellows will develop practical strategies and solutions to promote inclusive civic engagement within their communities.

Upon completion of the Fellowship Program, participants will return to their home countries equipped with new skills, perspectives, and connections to continue their work as champions of disability rights and inclusive civic participation. They will join a growing alumni network of professionals dedicated to creating more inclusive and equitable societies, where all individuals have the opportunity to fully participate and contribute.

The 2025 U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement represents a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to deepen their impact, broaden their horizons, and forge lasting connections across borders. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply and embark on this transformative journey towards creating a more inclusive world for all.

Fellowship Details

Embark on Your US Fellowship journey by engaging in virtual sessions with program staff to gear up for your transformative experience and eventual travel to the US. This preparatory phase equips you with essential insights and knowledge to make the most of your Fellowship.

Immerse yourself in the heart of your Fellowship by collaborating with your US host organization. As you navigate cultural differences, share valuable insights, and exchange best practices on disability inclusion, you’ll foster cross-cultural understanding and make a tangible impact.

Craft an actionable plan alongside your US counterparts for a follow-on project that will be implemented upon your return home. Through collaboration and innovation, lay the groundwork for sustainable initiatives that promote disability inclusion in your community.

Participate in the prestigious Professional Fellows Congress, where you’ll connect and network with over a hundred Professional Fellows from across the globe. This four-day conference in Washington, D.C., serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, forging partnerships, and expanding your professional network.

Ensure the sustainability of your project by leveraging ongoing support from your US host. Post-Fellowship, anticipate a visit from your US counterpart to your home country, providing invaluable assistance and guidance in implementing your follow-on project effectively.

Eligibility Requirements

This is a competition based on merit that is available to candidates from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

To apply, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

Age: Between 25 and 40 as of the first day of the Fellowship Program.

Citizenship: Citizen and resident of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, or Ethiopia.

Visa Eligibility: You should be eligible to receive a US J-1 visa. 

Language: Proficiency in spoken and written English

Work Experience: Minimum of two years of professional work experience.

Travel: Ability to travel to the US for the five-week program duration.


As a Fellow, you will be provided with the following:

1. Funding and assistance for round-trip travel between your home country and the United States.

2. Support for travel related to your fellowship within the United States.

3. Travel interruption insurance.

4. Accident and health insurance coverage for the duration of your fellowship in the United States.

5. Living accommodations in the United States.

6. Living allowance to cover expenses such as meals, local transportation, and incidental costs.

7. Cultural allowance for purchasing books and attending cultural events.

8. Disability-related arrangements, if required.

9. An Internet hotspot for your use.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement

Application Deadline:  May 15, 2024,

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