1000,000$ Africa Food Prize Award to institutions and persons on Agriculture

1000,000$ Africa Food Prize Award to institutions and persons on Agriculture

1000,000$ Africa Food Prize Award to institutions and persons on Agriculture in any Africa countries. Winners are supported in Agriculture not only with money as stated there below but also with training, networking, recommendations, Diploma Certificate among others

This is a call on all women Entrepreneurs, Male Entrepreneurs and institutions/companies that are focused on Agriculture in in Africa countries.

The Africa Good Prize calls for nominations of extraordinary contributors in Africa Agriculture for a support and grant of up to $100,000 to develop and build a new era for agricultural sustainability and food security there by creating creating a huge economic opportunities that would lift Africa economy and her citizens.

Qualified Countries.

All citizens of all the 54 African countries are qualified to apply for the Africa Food Prize Award.

About The Africa Food Prize: 

The Africa Food Prize had began in years before 2007 as Yara Prize. This was established as a reason to support and increase food production and food security in African countries through grants and farming support. Through this there will be more economic opportunities for African citizens.

The Yara was also create with the pursue of inspiring Agricultural innovation in Africa and its market place.

The Yara prize became African Food Prize with a purpose to further transform and lead agricultural revolution in Africa.

The Africa Continent is vast and versatile however even the land of Africa is reach in Agriculture among others resources. Challenges has overtime continued hinder the development of Africa in Agriculture.


All African countries are eligible to participate in the Africa Food Prize Award. The Award are made to individuals and organizations dully registered. Or any other organization formally established that is legally established

The organizations must be completely focused on Agriculture and innovation in Agriculture and must be really making impact on Africa soul.

The prize is awarded to every individuals who meet all the requirements specified for the Africa Food Prize Award. No discrimination on basis of tribe, region or religion whatsoever for the purpose of the Award.

The prize is awarded on specific contribution to agricultural growth and or achievement on agricultural innovation in Africa. The prize is also awarded on a general contribution to Agricultural input in Africa and or Agricultural innovation.

The Africa Food Prize is awarded to an existing persons and to an existing organization that is still making impact in Africa in the Area of Agriculture.

The Africa Food prize is also awarded to multiple winners in the max of two.

The winners of the Africa Food Prize is awarded wit a Diploma Certificate and an Award.

Selection Procedure.

The Africa Food Prize is aimed at curbing hunger and ending poverty in Africa, and there by making a drastic increase in food security and nutrition.

Applicants organizations must be contributor of income and employment in Agriculture

Applicants must posse to transform economy through social, agricultural change, scalability and sustainability

Applicants must be ready to bring out the face of Africa Agriculture and contribute to greener African

Applicants must have a track record of organization and individual (in the case of individual) impact on the Africa soil

Applicants must show clear ability to sustain their impact

Applicants are voted based on the above and winner or winners are chosen to receive the Africa Food Prize Award

Winner or Winner will receive 100,000 United States dollars.

The deadline for application to Africa Food Prize is 16th May 2022

To Apply click on the official Website Africa Food Prize Organization and file in the nomination columns, and supply all the documents and submit your nomination.

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