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places with most the opportunities in Nigeria

This article will guild you properly to choose places with the most opportunities in Nigeria incase you wish to relocate in search greener pasture

When this is put as a question, one first answer that has remained constant is, Lagos. After mentioning Lagos, the person who claims to know would then continue to call other states not by fact but as they come to his her mind without actual proof.

In Nigeria, the very first state any citizen of Nigeria would love to go after studies to seek opportunity is, Lagos but should Lagos always be the first? should Lagos be mentioned at all time and at all circumstances? All the answers are here.

The answer to the question, which state in Nigeria is most promising for career success or has the most opportunity will depend on the type of career opportunity you are looking to pursue and make living from.

To always answer Lagos every time when the question is asked without first considering a lot of things is giving wrong answer. and truly misleading. We will provide you with an accurate answer so that next time you want make decision, you will make a right decisions.

Before you ask what places with the most opportunities in Nigeria and have a correct answer to it, you must first ask yourself and as well answer yourself the following questions;

What is your profession?

Do you have a strong desire to practice your profession?

Do you intend to pursue a different career part?

What career part are you desirous of?

When these question are determined in your heart, it is time to ask which places has the most opportunities in Nigeria We are going to answer that question of yours with accuracy but before then lets reveal something to you a bit.

What profession are you as a person practicing and earning from ?
There are some profession that will earn you more money or that you will easily succeed on in one state but the different will be the case in another state.

Here is a good eye opener, if you have studied and have become a veterinary doctor and you are practicing that profession, you absolutely have no reason why you should move to Lagos.

There is less market for veterinary doctors in Lagos but huge market for veterinary doctors in Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Niger, Zamfara

If you are a desire to be a lecture in any university or polytechnic in Nigeria, and you don’t really care which university or polytechnic it’s, not having any university or polytechnic in mind provided it university or polytechnic, and here you are quick to move to Lagos instead of Edo state, Ogun state, you will mostly like not succeed.

The reason is that there are more Universities and Polytechnics in Ogun states and Edo state than they are in Lagos.

Check this list of places with most the opportunities in Nigeria

The list below is categorized into some popular career parts. And had more than one state in each category, this is true because there seem to be some same opportunities in more than one state, visiting any one of the states listed will not be a bad idea.

Federal Civil servant. Abuja, Lagos
If you have interest to work in any Federal Agency as a civil servant. You should be considering and and Lagos, when are you in anyone of these states, you can be keeping your eyes on the ground, visiting these Government agencies, submitting your applications and attending interviews, when you are called for an interview you can then attend.

There are actually federal government agencies in all the state of the federation but the agencies in other states are most times redundant. Offices in Abuja and Lagos are mostly active.

State Civil Servant
Lagos state, Kano state, Kaduna state, Rivers state, Delta state, Sokoto state

This states has the more agencies that are really active and constantly recruiting than some two states put together, and staff are needed to work in those agencies.

Industries/factory workers
Ogun State, Lagos state, Edo State, and River state.

This states has the most factories in Nigeria, Ogun state and Lagos has the highest. If your desire is to work in factory, here, these states will be an ideal state to go

Education/Institution; Lecturing.
Ogun State, Edo State, Lagos, Enugu state.

You should be in one this states if university lecturing or teaching job is your calling.
The states has the highest number of Universities, polytechnics, college of education in Nigeria.

In a month you have not covered the institutions to submit applications. The above states has career opportunities for you in your desired career part

Kebbi state, Kano state, Niger state, Sokoto state, Benue state, Zamfara state, Nasarawa state

Do want to build career in farming? If that is your career part, then you have absolutely nothing to do in Lagos. You should either be in Nasarawa state or in Kebbi, if you couldn’t make it to Nasarawa, then go to Niger state or anyone of those listed here.

Legal practice
Lagos state, Delta state, Rivers state, Enugu state, Edo state.

Lawyers have opportunities everywhere, any state in Nigeria. However, to succeed fast, find your way to Lagos state or to Enugu state or Delta state.

Actually, any state may work for a Lawyer, it world depend on how things happen. Hitting a brief worth thirty million naira once in Ebonyi state will do you more good than managing fifty to hundred thousands naira brief in Lagos.

Medical practice
Lagos state, Rivers state, Kano state, Sokoto state, Kaduna, Abuja, Niger state, Kaduna.

Same with Lawyers, medical practitioners have opportunities in all the states in Nigeria. Human beings live in all the states and all at one time or the other would need medical attention.

The states listed above are states with the highest population in Nigeria and that present opportunities in Nigeria for the citizen and even foreigners

Veterinary Medical Practitioners
Zamfara state, Katsina state, sokoto state, Adamawa state, Niger state, Kano state and some other Northern states.

These listed states are where opportunities lie for veterinary Medical professionals, find your way to anyone of these states

Civil Engineering
Lagos, Enugu, Rivers, Abuja

These are the states that you will see more constructions in Nigeria. Living in anyone of these state will present you with opportunities

Lagos, Warri (Delta), Benin(Edo), Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Rivers. Abuja.

After Lagos state, the next entertainment hub in Nigeria is Delta state, followed Enugu state, Edo state, Abuja and the rest. If you can’t afford Lagos, you can afford Delta state or anyone of these states after Lagos. Find opportunities in entertainment companies in these states

Natural Resources exploitation (Geologist)
Zamfar, Kebbi for gold
Ebonyi and Ogun for ore ,Zinc, lead.

You should be finding your way to relocate to Plateau, Ebonyi, Ogun state and the rest to explore naturel resources. They are a lot of them

Geologist wanting to building career in exploration of these type of natural resources has no business in Lagos but in Zamfara, Ebonyi Ogun and some other states

To build your business in any area (Entrepreneurship)
Move to unpopular states and build business to solve immediate challenges in that, it is not advisable to rush to state like Lagos and say you want to built a business that has already more than 50 similar business competition for the market.

You may succeed on some conditions; if you are ready to do what all other business that are already in competition have not done, If you have capital enough for more product and or service promotions, and for advertisement on television, newspaper, social media, radio station and the rest.

How to be successful

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Seeking Opportunities online, the best way to go about it.

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