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Seeking Opportunities online, the best way to go about it.

Finding Opportunities online, the best way to go about it.

Research has shown that there are more opportunities online than offline, and opportunities are easily find online than offline. The coming of Google many years ago and other online search engines have made it so much easier for everyone to find opportunities just by typing the right keywords on the search bar.

There are several professional and social media platforms. Such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Pinterest, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tik tok and many more others.

With the above as your companions, you are close to a lot of opportunities online. However, even though you may be close to a lot of opportunities, you will not be able to find one for yourself.

And the reason you may not be able to find opportunities on any of these social media is because you don’t know how to search for opportunities on social media. You will learn that in details in this article.

In the recent time, the first and the best place to start your journey for online opportunities is Google search, you need to master Google and know the right words to put in the search Bar. A lot of persons are still unaware of numerous opportunities available just at a click of a finger.

How to find opportunities on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest Professional Platform in the world with close to 1 billion monthly visitors in recent time.

LinkedIn has the potential to give you a life changing opportunity however, the positions of users are are likely to make you go a wrong way and lose interest in the platform.

On LinkedIn, users pose as CEOs of non existing business/ companies, they try to emulate others who are putting up profiles to match theirs with those with real profiles forgetting that with such profile no employer will request your service in his or her company because you represented yourself as an established fellow.

To find opportunity on LinkedIn be it Job (Remote, Onsite, Hybrid) Scholarship, Fellowship, Business Investors. Start by using your profile, make a full and correct representation of yourself.

Don’t add what you are not in a bid to look like others. Such is likely to stop your chances of securing opportunity.

Put your academic achievements, put your experience and most importantly put volunteering experience ( work you have done voluntarily without being paid).

Also put your a very recent profile picture and put your skills as your background image. This us very important. Let’s assume you have WordPress development skills or Microsoft Office or Content writing skills, as many skill as you may have have, list them on your background image.

You can use PixeLab, Canva, photoshop or coralddraw to design a very nice flyer with only the list of your skills then upload them on your background.

The background image feature on LinkedIn is purposely for display of users profession, skills, Jobs, or anything user is known for.

Displaying your skills consistently in a form of flyer, same as in your background image would be nice. Regularly people get to know your profession, your skills or what you are very good at.

Write about your skills consistently and publish same on your walls. Answer questions on comment section.

Be friendly to all your connections and reply massage professionally, also accept connection requests because you never can tell which would result to opportunity.

Be professional when interacting with your connections on LinkedIn and suggest a good time to further discuss in any case you are busy.

Send connection request to people you see that they are potential employers, people who may offer opportunity on their wall notwithstanding that you don’t know them physically

Follow People who share opportunities on their wall, I will not advise you to follow people who are only sharing how they became most influential on LinkedIn within a week. Those untrue inspirational articles won’t allow you to see opportunities that other people are sharing.

While others are seeing opportunities, and trying them out, you will be reading about someone’s LinkedIn success stories. The point is that what you see on LinkedIn is dependent on who you are following. If indeed you are looking for opportunities on LinkedIn, follow people who sharing opportunities.

Follow Career opportunities pages, Job pages, Scholarship pages etc. When these pages share opportunities, jobs etc you will be the first to see them.

Direct message company owners who are in your network, try pitching ideas to them, ideas that will benefit their already established businesses, so far the idea is related to their business.

There might be some needs to create department for that your idea If company find your idea to be good, that’s an open door to joining the company.

Finding Opportunities on Facebook.

Even though because the coming of professional platform, Facebook has been judge to be for unserious people, waste of time or highly for dating, Facebook still have thousands of opportunities for every user on daily basis and thousands are finding opportunities on Facebook monthly.

Facebook currently is the largest social media platform in the world, raking at 5 billion visitors or more monthly. A lot of opportunities are being shared on Facebook on a daily basis.

To find opportunities on Facebook, first optimize your Facebook profile to show professionalism and consistently write about your skills on your Facebook wall.

Finding opportunities on Twitter.

Twitter is another large social media with a lot of opportunities to take advantage of. Reciprocate same optimization you did on your Facebook and LinkedIn on your Twitter.

Finding Opportunities on Google.

With your smartphone everywhere you go, opportunities go with you. You may be complaining of non availability of jobs, while you go around with jobs in your hand.

Google has made it easier to find anything here on earth. The important question is, do you know how to find the opportunity on Google. It starts with typing the right words on your search Bar and selecting which result best represents what you are looking for.

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