Career successful man is the man who knows how not to quit.

Career successful man is the man who knows how not to quit.

If you quit trying to succeed, continue doing your best and one day you be will be successful and you and those who could have benefitted from your success will be glad you didn’t give up. Most of the time people don’t make huge mistakes regarding the subject matter.

There is what we call success chains. This is what people mistake to quitting but its and won’t be. In school, there is this time that we go on break, to refresh and reconvene for more lectures or lessons. This is what success chains looks like, the different however, is that in career life, its compelling rather than voluntary, failure to abide by rule of the nature in this circumstance leads completely to failure.

The many break we had in school lectures or classes voluntarily or otherwise indeed helped to make us what we are or what we will be. Supposing we refused go on breaks and insisted in start to finish?

Everywhere I go, virtual conference, seminars, webinars’, physical conference and the rest, I hear from motivational speakers, don’t quit. No one has ever advised us to quit, I suppose no one will ever advise us to quit.

If you don’t know how not to quit at the very time you are supposed not to quit, it means you are not wise and the result of quitting will lead to failure. Failure is what I myself will never accept, you won’t accept failure either.

There is something you Need to know before you begin to feel that this article will not help you. Albert Einstein who had tried to make light bulb 999 times and people said he failed 999 times actually did not fail 999 times. Failure ends it all for you, if it was that he actually failed even if it was once, light bulb wouldn’t have been a reality.

But how did he survive and did not quit? It is because he observed the success chains, instead of quitting he took a break.

How not to quit.

If you must not quit, then you must adopt these following career style.

1. Understand the goal.

The first thing you should be sure of is that you have well understanding if the goal you are seeking to achieve. Understanding the goal will compel you and give you more focused mind. So firstly, understand your goal.

2. Know why you started at first instance.

Before you start running as an athlete, you are sure of the end point. The particular place that when reached, you have worn the competition. If you don’t know why you started, there will be no motivation to reach a particular a place, this is because you don’t know where you are going, you don’t have reason for started. Know why you started and keep it in mind.

3. Believe in yourself

You must believe that you can do it. Don’t allow inferiority complex to overwhelm you. You must believe in yourself and trust the process that you are following. And be sure to always review the process every time to be sure that you avoid errors.

4. Don’t allow distraction to overwhelm you

Provided you living, there would happenings here and there, but you must be strong. A lot will be happening around you but the ability to withstand the pressure and focused, not allowing events to distract you will keep put of quitting.

5. Think about the how beneficial your success will be to you and people around you.

When you think of the impact you are about to make in the life of many people, you will be motivated to keep building. So always allows yourself to be motivated. keep in my how beneficial your success will be to you and people around.

6. Think about the project every now and then.

Keep your mind in the project, and never diverting your mind to something. Be positive and never think about the negative things about your project, keep on thinking about the impact you are about to create and keep on thinking how to improve and do better on the project.

7. Work on the project, keep review and learning to improve, non stop.

8. Discuss your project with like-minded friends and family.

Within your circle of friends and in your family there are persons who believe in you and in themselves. These are the like-minded people who you must always discuss with and who you must also listen to for advice

9. And pray to your God to crown your efforts with success.

There is one superior being, whether you believe it or not. This superior being are not seen, and they handle unseen things(events) Your personal God is always there for you so always go to him in whatever form you believes works for you. Pray to God almighty for success in your career

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