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how to be successful in career pursuit

how to be successful in my career pursuit is the endless question at the lips of everyone striving to get out of poverty or to be more successful and help his community out of poverty, finding answer to that question may not be easy at a time like this that majority of people careless about their neighbor, every one seem to be running a race. This question is not different from how to be successful in life because, once you become successful in your career you have become successful in life

you must always be on the search for how to be successful

Many at times, we get confused in life as to where we really are, where we are heading to career wise. This happens mostly to those of us who are starting from scratch, no foundation no investment by our parents to leverage for career success.

That may have sounded simple to you but to a large extent building from scratch can be so much overwhelming. Hence you must acknowledge any resources that is likely to help your career development and career success.

These includes: career books, career webinars, career website, career television shows, movies related to career development, career success. All this most time has the answer to the question How to be successful

In all of these resources, people who have gone through what you are currently going through share their experiences: how they found themselves in that situation, what they did, when it was very tough, how were they able to survive the tough time, where they are currently and where they are aiming to get to.

You get a lot of insights, inspiration and you get motivated to keep on pushing. You get to learn and understand what you did wrong and at what stage, what are probably currently doing wrong.

First you must position yourself for career opportunities if you are seeking How to be successful and must succeed in your career search. Positioning yourself, or been on the stand by for career opportunities would cost you a lot of things. It would cost you time, it would cost you money, it would cost you some pleasure, must be ready to let go of a lot of things in the social media.

How to be successful

1. First you must master how to control your emotions.

Do you understand what emotion is? Do you understand how emotions control people. Have you even gotten emotional? Where you are at that particular time, able to make any sound reasoning ?

I have once or two gotten emotional and I was not able to reason or make sound judgement of situation at that point in time. I have seen people get into emotion and things got out of hand, things happened they way it could not have happened and the result brought negative impact.

Emotion is one thing that can distract you from achieve your career goals, not only that it can distract, it can also destroy once plans and abort once success.

There are times when it would seem that everything is not working and that you as a person are failing at that particular time the How to be successful wouldn’t be coming to your mind but how to even survive. You are more likely to get emotional at that point in time. So emotional that negative thought would start coming to your mind

Stop been too emotional any time you encounter negative results to what you are pursuing. You must learn and understand how to master yourself and control your emotions

2. Avoid negative feedback.

Try not to be discouraged, don’t think you are the only person who has not gotten a good result. Think ever think that you are the only struggling to achieve success. There is no one out that has gotten 100 percent of all the or she needs in this world.

So when, striving, keep it in mind that everyone else out there are also striving as you do to be successful. Do not let anyone deceive you with fake life. People are very good at that, and they can go at any lent to accomplish their aims.

So they may come up with words like, you have not done it well, you don’t know how to do it, you never succeed with your plan, or your plans are not good enough or you don’t make good calculations and a lot more discouraging words. Some times these discouragements are as a result of self praise, trying make himself right and the other person wrong.

Don’t give time to negative feedback, don’t take negative feedback personal, don’t go close to negative people. Be focused.

3. Be focused

Understanding the reason why you started something will help you stay on the track while pursuing your career goals.

You must stay focused, keep your eyes on the end result, the benefits that would come to you when you meet success in your pursuit.

There would come of course a lot of distractions to take you away from the end goal, distractions from all corners. Staying focused would keep ahead of those distractions and success become certain

4. Set goals

You must set your goals and aim to achieve it. Without you having a goal that you wish to achieve you be aimless, you would of course lack direction, motivation and focus in your daily career life. So set your goals, understand your goals, pursue your goals

5. Use social media less

of course you can’t be asking How to be successful on Social but seeking funs, social media had become the biggest distraction in the world today. This is because among others, the too many entertainments on social media are capable of diverting your mind from your set goals.

Each time you open social media app, you are welcomed by comedy skit, if not that, then new music, if it not music then, new dance or dance challenge, a lot of them

The only means to avoid social media distractions is to use the social media applications very less

6. Get your CV updated and ready to forwarded any time

Lastly but very important. Get your CV very handy you cant be seeking how to be successful and not be ready to try any available opportunity at any time. Your CV must be updated and be very much ready to forwarded to recruiters upon request.

The reason you must have your CV handy and ready to send at any time is because, opportunities are endless and opportunities fly every now and then.

You may get a call from connection or family member to send your CV for a better job, scholarship, fellowship or any other opportunity. This can happen all of a sudden. Having your CV handy, you will not be caught unaware

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