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Top secrets to win Scholarships and study abroad guaranteed.

Top secrets to win Scholarships and study abroad, guaranteed tips.

You must have been searching for study abroad Scholarships, undergraduate scholarships for Africa students to study abroad on Scholarship do  not you know the secret to wining these Scholarships searched for? You will see the best Scholarship for international students, winning these Scholarship is a major concern. Here are the never told secrets to win Scholarship to study abroad.

Our concern as people who want to make impact by sourcing opportunities for our wider audience is to make sure that our audience benefits from the opportunities that we are able to source and bring to their knowledge.

These are what we do of which of course we are glad doing them.
Everyday, every minutes and every seconds we are looking for Scholarship opportunities on the websites of Universities all over the world. When we find these Scholarship Opportunities, we immediately inform our audience on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram Facebook and Twitter.

We also source for other opportunities such as Entrepreneurship funding opportunities for small businesses, Startups. We are always on the lookout for for Foundations and Big firms, such as Tony Elumelu Foundation Eco Bank entrepreneurship grant  , Access Bank entrepreneurship grants to African women  and hundreds of others. These foundations and big firms on a regular basis announce Startups, Business or Idea funding opportunities. Upon announcement, we inform our audience on all places.

Again, people need jobs, not everyone has business idea and some have have graduated from school. On this regard we are also constantly look for Jobs opening at big firms, NGOs, International Organizations such, United Nations jobs, Africa Union, , GoldmanSachs  etc. On getting notice of Job Opportunities we inform our audience.

We are giving our visitors the full package. Career opportunities. And we have search button for you to use, always type whatever opportunity type you are looking for e.g. ( Scholarship or Job, or Entrepreneurship at the search bar) and every opportunity published in that regard will present itself to you.

In this article we will be revealing a top hidden secrets never revealed anywhere else on how you can win Scholarship to study abroad. The secrets are very few but powerful determination for your Scholarship abroad.

Our joy will be complete when we see that our visitors/audience gets to know about the Scholarship abroad opportunity through us and at the end get to win the Scholarship to study abroad.
Lets begin something that will put the biggest smile on your face the next time you apply for Scholarship abroad.

4. One among the top secrets is: your exposure to charitable work.

This is what you have never heard anywhere and how it would contribute to your Scholarship application success. It’s actually, a determining factor. When you have opportunity to render Charity or social services do also with gladness if indeed you intend to or you hope to get Scholarship abroad to further your studies abroad or at your home country. Do so and add your works to your CV/Resume.

Most, if not all the Scholarship opportunities you see are offered by Charities, philanthropists, Foundation doing charity work. When you including in your resume a certain charitable work or services you have rendered it spells value and adds a point to your application.

This Scholarship opportunities are offered by organizations which are actually and actively doing charity work with a a hope that as a beneficiary, you would one day replicate the favour on others.
So when your record/resume shows that even before you seek help(Scholarship) to further your education, you have been rendering help already it boost your chances.

3. The third top secret is your CV.

This might not sound convincing to you but it’s actually a determining factor.
The way you format your cv/Resume will affect your chances of being selected. These are the number of ways that it can affect your chances.
(i). Inability of the selection committee to capture relevant things in your cv or your resume.
When the relevant information are hidden or tiny enough to been easily seen in your CV, the selection committee may skip such information because of the volume of application that need to be looked into and processed. It’s not always easy. We have been Privileged to sort out Scholarship application and we were overwhelmed by the volume of application and work load.

Hundreds to Thousands of Scholarship applications are received to each Scholarship opportunity that is opened. So next time you want to apply for Scholarship, review your CV and make a proper formatting to clearly and briefly show the relevant information.

(ii). Inability of the the selection committee to understand your cv.
Sometimes they way your cv or resume is disorganized can derail your chances. We have said above, they are large volume of applications to sort and if your cv is not well arranged to make it easy for the selection committee to easily understand the format and the arrangement, your chances of been selected will be completely limited.
So you are encouraged that, if in any case the Scholarship offerors specify format of CV that should be attached to the Scholarship application, make sure you strictly obey and follow that format.

2. Send transcript and conclude application at the earliest possible time.

some people never considered this as a factor that would affect their application one way or the other. Instead in their applications, they upload required documents one by one, after several days looking at the deadline is not reached yet and believing that, they application procedures specified that applicants can upload required documents anytime provided it’s uploaded within application time line.

When applying for Scholarship, your seriousness matters a lot and when you are serious, it shows on the other side. They way you carried your application will reflect its seriousness on the side of the offeror. And such would be treated with seriousness by selection committee.

During the application period, applications are being sent and received on they other side. And there’s this thing called, first come first serve. When you begin your Scholarship application, the progress is being recorded if not concluded at once. And it’s only when you complete your application with all required documents that your application will be processed.

While you are waiting and delaying because deadline is still far, hundreds of applications have been received. There is as you should know, numbers that are required for the Scholarship. When that number is reached, any other application that comes in including yours if not sent on time will not be processed.

We told you above that they are just few powerful secrets never told anywhere. They are actually few in number, and we are taking you to number one, after this honorable mentions. We are not including these as top hidden secrets but, they are something worth looking into and taking care of in order to be successful in your application. They are: you academic records/transcript. Send it first and send it on time. Unofficial transcript are most of the times accepted and the official required during the the admission is cleared. Another is the requirements, make sure you meet up with the requirements before sending your application. There different Scholarships for different categories of persons. So always check to be sure that you are qualified to apply for such Scholarship abroad.

1. Here is the number. First among the secrets that you must take very seriously.
It is your background and how you relate it to your statement of purpose.
This is the number one top secret. This is the final say in your Scholarship application no matter the Scholarship goals set by the person that are offering the Scholarship to students. We said, it’s your background and how you are able to relate your background with your statement of purpose. This has never been leaked else. So how exactly do we mean here ?

There are two relevant things put together here. First is your background, second is your statement of purpose. Please note that this statement of purpose may be called something else by different Universities. It may be called Cover Letter, or a Short Note, Motivation Letter etc., Whatever it’s called. It means one and same thing.

The statement of purpose give applicants an opportunity to write down in clear details why the applicants should be given the Scholarship to study and not hundreds others.
So you see this finalizes your selection. There is a lot of weight, point attacked to your statement of purpose or Motivation Letter or what your prospective University chooses to call it.

Nothing less than 67 point is attached to statement of purpose in Scholarship application. Some Scholarship do rely only on statement of purpose for selection, nothing more. So imagine how strong it must be to able to climb above all other statement in the contest.

Let us make something clearer to you.
If you have come from a poor background and you were able to link your statement of purpose with your background you are most likely to win the Scholarship. Most of the Scholarship would want to know whether, even though you are coming from a poor background, do you have an intention and desire to better your immediate society/your poor environment by utilizing the Scholarship opportunity or you just needed the Scholarship to be your escape route.

So coming from a poor background/neighborhood may not really do much to your application success but how you are able to state in your statement how the Scholarship would enable you to give back to your immediate poor environment and your desire to return to your your community and contribute to the development your immediate poor environment.

We guarantee you a Scholarship success if you adopt and follow this secret diligently.

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Entry Level Job Vacancies at World Bank. (All Nationals)


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