Finding opportunities abroad: 4 sure routes to relocate to any country of your choice.

Finding opportunities abroad: 4 sure routes to relocate to any country of your choice.

Those of you born and living in countries of bad economy may have one option. To relocate. Apart from the economic situation of a country, several other reasons may be compelling some citizens to think relocation.

Its not always easy to relocate to countries with a lot of career opportunities. The hardship that makes it near impossible to relocate to these countries is always the first setback.

Do you really want to relocate? If yes then don’t give up, explore any one of these routes we will reveal to you on this article

There are these many stories of people wanting to migrate, relocate to coubtries that they think have a lot of opportunities for them. That been their desires, the routes tbey followed to achieve their dreams were dangerious routes.

Some embarked on a journey to Europe through Mediterranean sea, through deserts and through security troubled countries. When one is lucky to cross the Mediterranean Sea, another danger is waiting at the desert, if one makes it through desert, a higher danger is waiting at the security troubled countries.

There’s also this story of some people climbing up and hiding at the Plane Engine and tire.

These actions are too dangerous to undertake and they are not supposed to be taken when there are clear legitimate routes to any country of your choice. With anyone of these routes discussed below, you will easily relocate, or migrate whichever words used.

It will cost you nothing to little following anyone of these routes. We listed four of them here to try one or two or three. We don’t guarantee that all of these routes will work for you. But we do guarantee that putting in your effort, one would surely work for you.

Four Legit ways to relocate to any country of your choice.

1. Use the hidden advantage of Freelancing

This hidden advantage is what many people don’t know, after all, it’s hidden. How do you take this advantage?

You are on freelance websites, like Fiverr, guru, upwork, etc. because you have mastered a particular skill that people are ready to pay you for. That is right. You have been probably been hired and your client was satisfied and you were rated high. That is also right.

As a skilled person and really very good at what you do, you can propose a contract to one, two or three of your clients. Tell your clients that you have desire or dream to relocate to their country, tell them the reason for your wish to relocate, tell them the particular challenge why you are unable to relocate on your own and in need of an assistance. And tell them what you are willing to offer for the assistance if they can make it possible for you to relocate.

That you can offer your skills to them for a certain period for no pay to cover the assistance. Make sure to include all the assistance you need.

Before you make this proposal make sure you have worked with this clients more than once and that they have become friendly.

If this route is not working for you probably because you don’t have client you have worked with on any of these freelance websites or because your clients declined, then you will need to try number two route.

2. There are Companies in migration niche.

You have never heard most likely, about companies, I mean registered companies that do the business of legally migrating people from country to country. Depending on your financial capabilities, you may not need to pay before you get migration help, you pay when you reach the country of your choice.

This is clearly, how this works. When you find anyone of these companies, you enter into a clear agreement with the company. The company will prepare you work your papers and help secure a job for to start working immediately you arrive the country.

In the agreement, you may agree that the 70 percent of your total pay after tax will go to the company for 6months or 1year period thereafter you become your own earning your full pay. The percentage of your pay that was going to the company was to offset cost of your paper/visa, accommodation at the time you arrived, air tickets, and other logistics.

Remember that essence of setting up a company is to make profits. So the company profit for rendering such service will come from the percentage of pay that is going to the company for a period of time according the agreement.

Disclaimer: we do not do this business of helping people to migrate from country to country. We are not such or one of the companies, therefore please do not contact us for such. Please note also that we do not recommend any of these companies, and we are not affiliate to any of these companies.

Advice: We advise you to find these companies by yourself and do a thorough assessment, and research about the company before any transaction.

3. Find connection online to help you relocate

There are a lot happening on professional platforms: LinkedIn, quora, Pinterest, Indeed etc. There’s type of opportunity that you can not find on LinkedIn.

As professional in your field who wishes to practice your profession outside your country. You can represent yourself as a professional and talk to fellow professionals in your field are on LinkedIn like you. Many of them may be willing to help you relocate, migrate to his or her country.

Take in mind that this route may involve a lot of things. Things such as the fellow giving you a condition which you must meet, paying for everything necessary for successful relocate: visa, International passport, Air ticket, accommodation etc.

The fellow can prepare an invitation letter for you and help to make your visa application successful and also perfecting other conditions from his or her end.


4. If you are graduate of any discipline needed in some countries

You can migrate to Canada and live and work in the city of Saskatchewan if you studied and practice in anyone of these field:

Nurse Practitioner(Nursing)

Physical Therapist

Health Information Management Practitioner

Registered Nurse and Registered Psychiatric Nurse



Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist

Occupational Therapist

Combined Laboratory & X‐ray Technologist, Clinical Genetics Technologist, and Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants

Respiratory Therapists, Cardiopulmonary Function Technologist, Perfusionist

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist, Medical Radiation Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Cardiology Technologist and Cardiovascular Technologist, Electroneurophysiology Technologist

Pharmacy Technician

Dental technologists, technicians and laboratory assistants

Licensed Practical Nurse

Emergency Medical Technician

Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment

Continuing Care Assistant

Psychologist (Masters and PhD).

This particular is an opportunity to live and work in Canada. There are several other opportunities in this nature to live and work in other countries. One of these countries may be your dream country. You just have to research or better still subscribe to our opportunity letters on your email box. Or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. We share opportunities that can change your life on our website and on our social media pages.

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