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Sample impressive cover letter for NGO jobs and tips to draft perfect letters

Sample and how draft n impressive cover letter for NGO jobs

There are a lot of Non Governmental Organization (NGO Jobs) available out there. Securing one for yourself will make sense to you when you start seeing the benefits. It is really very interesting to work with nongovernmental organization. There are a lot of benefits working with nongovernmental organization, one of which is the opportunity to make impact on local communities, or in so many other areas of life. If you are looking NGO jobs here is a perfect sample cover letter that can help you win an offer.

When writing this type of cover letter for NGO jobs, do the following; always endeavor to put your address at the right or left hand side of the letter. It doesn’t really matter the side of the letter that your address is, however, it is recommended that you put your address at the top right side of the letter.

The address of the addressee must always be at the left side, this cannot change position unlike the sender address own address that can go left or right. Also if you have letterheads, you can use your letterhead to write your letter.

First paragraph must briefly introduce the writer of the letter, your name and some other things the writer may wish to say about him or her. You can chose not state your name. So it is not an error to omit writing your name on the first introductory paragraph. Be very brief in this paragraph and move to the second paragraph.

In paragraph two briefly state your interest in the job, and if possible link it to how you come about the knowledge of the vacancy in the organization. And also state that you understand the job description and under the requirements and end the paragraph with whether you are a good fit for the role in the NGO, that you are the perfect candidate to properly deliver on the role.

On the three paragraph of your letter, clearly and briefly explain the reason you stated above that you are the best candidate to be assigned the role, while you should be hired. What makes you think you are the perfect candidate that the organization is looking for, what you can offer that other candidates may not be able to offer, your skills that stands you out, your educational qualification and a lot more other convincing reasons why you should be hired. Be very brief on this paragraph and clear.

The fourth paragraph is your last paragraph and conclusive. It could be one or two or three sentence depending on your writing styles.

Sample cover letter for Nongovernmental organization

(Use the first and the right side for the senders and receivers address)



My name is Suniay k. Chule and my contact address is as stated above in this letter and also accompanying this letter is my CV attached herein.

I am sending my application as contained in this letter for the position of Administrative Assistant with Naturemind and my physical environment advocate foundation. I have gone through your job placement and clearly understand the job description. Based on my understanding I truly realized that I am best fit for the position.

I have the education qualifications needed for best performance and a have the necessary skills required for that position. My skills includes; Communication skill, administrative skill, Microsoft skill, power point presentation skill, time management skill among others listed on my curriculum vitae (CV). my CV has every of my information for your perusal.

I have worked with two different NGOs in an administrative assistance capacity, and I believe I will perform exactly in this same capacity in your company.

I will look forward to hearing from you. Please accept my deepest regards

Suniay k. Chule

[email protected]


Choose your languages when writing this type of letter; we may have chosen simple languages for clarity. Try to be very simple in your choice of languages as well and do not write too much.

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