How to optimize your profile and find opportunities on LinkedIn

Best out of LinkedIn, how to optimize your profile and find opportunities on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the biggest professional platform in the world today. And there are thousands of opportunities open daily for opportunities seekers. If you have been on LinkedIn for a while now and yet to gain one or two opportunities on LinkedIn, this article is all you need.

We have detailed in this article, how to make best out of LinkedIn, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and find opportunities on LinkedIn.

Start taking a great step to finding opportunities by following this list of the things you need to do and how to do them on LinkedIn to position yourself for ever pouring opportunities on the Blue app.

1. Good professional profile picture

The first thing you must do after creating a LinkedIn account is to put a nice professional profile picture. An image of you that suggest to other users what you are professionally without them having to first ask you before getting an insight.

For instance, if you are Doctor and you are practicing your profession and have the intention and the zeal to continue in that your field of studies, you should dress to show that you are a Doctor. However, if you have chosen to switch to another career, and not to practice medicine you should put a Profile clearing representing your new switched career.

You may not know exactly what picture or how to dress in your profile picture in some certain professions, in this case you are advised to ask your mentor in that your career field.

2. Represent yourself in your profile separating with forward slash.

In your profile, list what you are good at, or what you are known for, or what you can offer to other users, or what other users should come to you or recommend you for.

For instance, if you are a lawyer, you can present yourself as follows.

” Lawyer || Writer || Researcher || Founder at Mush & Mash LP || etc.”

You are advised to put organizations founded or co founded last if
You are not yet fully established in your area of endeavor to the extent that you no longer need help or support in such field.

For example, someone like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg can just put Founder at Tesla or founder at Meta.

To optimize your LinkedIn that way, click on profile and click on headline, write each word and separate from others with a slash, or any other other special characters

3. Add your educations.

List all your education qualifications, put the Universities attended if you have attended more one University.

In the order in which you should arrange your education, let your recent be at the top and the older below. Make sure to add the year you finished each.

If you have obtained a very nice grade, for example, first class, distinction, add them if not don’t add your grade even if you have made 2.1. That space is usually optional.

4. Add your volunteering experience

If you have had for once or twice or more volunteered to service maybe in a Non Governmental Organization. Do well to list them in your Profile no matter how small or irrelevant you may think it’s.

5. Add your other experience.

List all your experience you have had. If you have worked in companies, as many companies you may have worked with whether in your field of studies or other fields.

In your undergraduate days, you may have involved in one job or the other in which you earned some money for yourself, do well to list them on your profile, every experience you have had from the beginning to the present.

6. Add your membership of organization
Add your certification.

If you a membership of an organization or profession, such as NBA, ICAN, NMSA, etc. List them in your Profile as many as they are.

7. List your skills.

List all the skills if you have acquired over time from the highest (Most sought after) to the lowest. Example of such skills are, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, Flutter, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Wix, etc.

List one or two things you can offer for free

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  1. Ahakiri Victory

    I am a graduate of Biology Education Back(ed). I have taught in a number of schools and I am presently open for available opportunities. I’m sorry this is coming quite late, I just got to know about this.

  2. Elizabeth Ajetunmobi

    I am a graduate of Agric Economics. Also an entrepreneur. A marketer. I am available to give skills acquisitions/ empowerment for the youth and adults.

  3. I am a graduate of BA Theatre Arts. I am an Actor, I write scripts, I have worked with 3 different Banks and I am open for any available opportunities

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