7 In-demand Remote Jobs For Nigerian Retirees

7 In-demand Remote Jobs For Nigerian Retirees in

7 In-demand Remote Jobs For Nigerian Retirees; Life after retiring might be something to worry about for retirees in Nigeria with little or no savings especially when you work in private organizations with no stipulated post-retirement stipends.

The rate of scam jobs on the internet, the lack of information, and other factors make retirees end their career journey with no alternative. 

With the aid of remote jobs, workers over the age of 60 have the privilege of making an average of 2,000,000 NGN yearly with just a digital device, uninterrupted internet connection, and readiness to work with little or no prior skills or certifications.

 7 in-demand remote jobs and for retirees in Nigeria

1. Paralegal

Offering paralegal services are most times in a remote setting different from a lawyer.

As a paralegal, you are accountable for drafting and organizing legal documents like pleadings and other documents.

Who can apply – You can consider this field if you possess good and clear writing and effective document management skills which could have been learned from your prior job experiences.

Average monthly income – From the analysis, the average expected income ranges from 133,000 NGN to 390, 000 NGN due to expertise, experience, and other factors. 

Application platforms – Check out the following platforms for paralegal opportunities that are currently hiring in 2023 – Omnipresent ,AEC Legal, My JobMag, Willers solution limited and more. 

2. Freelance content writer.

Creating content is no new job where you can generate so much income with no physical contact.

Considering this field gives you a variety of opportunities from different niches ranging from health, technology etc. and content types.

Content writing can be learned through courses online which could be implemented in a short period. 

Who can apply – Great news! Content writing is a career path that anyone can delve into with prior experience and good writing skills and strategies you can gain through an internship.

Anyways, knowing content marketing is a plus in being favored during the employment process. 

Average monthly income – As a content writer in Nigeria, you are eligible to earn a monthly salary ranging from 143,000 NGN to 481,000 NGN.

Where can I apply – With the help of job opportunity sites getting a job as a freelance writer is less of a hurdle.

Check out the following sites for content writing opportunities – Freelance writers Den, Flex jobs, Indeed, Upwork, LinkedIn, and more.

3. Human Resources And Administrative Assistance

Surfing the labor market for talents can also be a career path to consider after retirement.

Human resources are responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and the employment process of a company.

They are always in-demand because every organization needs someone to perform that function.

Who can apply – Someone with a proper understanding of employment policies and procedures, experience, and certification in human resources and its functions is a step ahead of getting a job as a human resource or admin assistant. 

Average monthly income – The average salary for human resources scales from 108,450 NGN to 365,000 NGN measured by the level of expertise and experience.

Where can I apply –  Thinking of considering this path? Get your resume prepared

Giga System, Pause factory, premiere urgence international, and more.

4. Product Marketer.

This is another job that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Product management involves the promotion, branding, messaging, and strategic sales procedures for a successful product launch.

This is a part-time job because you would have little or no responsibility after the product launch. 

Who can apply – A candidate with a background preferably a bachelor’s degree in marketing would have leverage or have taken management courses

Possessing soft skills like good communication, the ability to sell products or services, business management, and leadership skills can also be a starting point of consideration. 

Average monthly income – From general analysis, the average monthly income for a product manager in Nigeria is 250,000 NGN. 

Where can I apply – These are too relevant organizations to consider when applying for a product marketing role – SalesForce, Oracle, Google, Intel Corporation, and more.

5. Customer service representative.

Unlike most jobs, this is a job that requires the least hard skills and more soft skills for functionality.

A customer service representative is obligated with the responsibility of attending to customer calls regarding complaints, and questions, and provide necessary information about the organization’s product or services.

Who can apply – A candidate with good communication skills, active listening skills, a positive attitude, time management, and a good voice can consider sending their resumes to the companies below. 

Average monthly income – A customer service representative in Nigeria earns an average monthly salary of 262,000 NGN.

Where can I apply Bramazo technologies, Moove Africa, TeamApt, and more?

The following organizations above are currently hiring.

6. Online tutor

With the help of technology, the educational sector has leveraged the Internet which has made it easy for learners and earners.

Popular platforms like YouTube, Coursera, and Udemy have taken the front line in making E-learning possible with ease which is being maximized daily ranging from newborns to adults.

Who can apply – Expertise in a particular field of study like art, science, mathematics, technology, or business with certification proof can qualify you to get started as an online tutor.

Average monthly salary – As an online tutor, you have the chance to earn an average salary of 170,000 NGN ranging from 40,000 NGN to 300,000 per month. 

Where can I apply? I – Register with online tutoring apps like 3veta, teach me, Teachable, and more.

7. Virtual Assistant.

Taking off busy schedules from people is something everyone would love to pay you for.

Being a virtual assistant puts you in a position of receiving and paying attention to calls and messages, scheduling meetings, and attending to other executive activities.

The good thing is that commuting to the office or workspace is not a requirement. 

Who can apply – Below are several qualities expected from a virtual assistant

  • Minimum of intermediate experience in Microsoft Office
  • Good communication skill
  • Ability to produce good written copies.
  • Orderliness and accountability.
  • Ability to be productive under pressure 

Average monthly salary – Working virtually doesn’t mean you can’t make an average of 100,000 NGN monthly. 

Factors like experience and professionalism may affect the specific earnings of a person.

Where can I apply – These jobs are currently hiring virtual assistants in Nigeria – chemonicks, Nigeria Breweriesand more. 


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