World Trade Organization (WTO) Essay Award 2024

World Trade Organization (WTO) Essay Award 2024 For Young Economists

World Trade Organization (WTO) Essay Award 2024

About the World Trade Organization (WTO) Essay Award 2024

The WTO has announced its call for young economists to submit papers for the esteemed WTO Essay Award 2024. This prestigious award, spearheaded by the World Trade Organization, is an invitation for young economists to showcase their scholarly work in the realm of trade policy and international trade cooperation. By extending this opportunity, the WTO seeks to foster the development of high-quality research that delves into critical issues surrounding global trade dynamics.

With the overarching goal of reinforcing the bond between the WTO and the academic community, the essay award serves as a platform to encourage young scholars to contribute innovative insights and perspectives to the field. Through their submissions, participants are encouraged to explore various facets of trade policy and international trade cooperation, offering fresh perspectives and potential solutions to the challenges facing the global trading landscape.

The WTO Essay Award 2024 underscores the organization’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and promoting academic excellence in the field of economics. By recognizing and celebrating outstanding research contributions from young economists, the WTO aims to stimulate scholarly discourse and advance understanding in areas vital to global trade governance.

Young economists are invited to seize this opportunity to showcase their expertise, contribute to ongoing dialogues on trade policy, and potentially shape the future trajectory of international trade cooperation. As the WTO continues to champion collaboration and knowledge exchange between academia and policymaking, the 2024 WTO Essay Award stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering intellectual engagement and advancing the principles of multilateral trade.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The paper must address issues related to trade policy and international trade cooperation.
  • The author(s) of the paper must possess or be engaged in completing a PhD and, if over 30 years of age, be no more than two years past a PhD defence.
  • In the case of co-authored papers, this requirement shall apply to all authors. To be considered for the award, essays cannot exceed 15,000 words.

Benefits of World Trade Organization WTO Essay Award 2024 

  • The annual WTO Essay Award provides a prize of CHF 5,000 to the author(s) of the winning essay. In the case of a co-authored paper, the prize will be equally divided among the authors.
  • The award ceremony will take place on 12-14 September 2024 at Athens University in Greece.
  • The winning author will receive funding to attend the meeting.

How to Apply 

All submissions should be sent to [email protected]. The following should be submitted in PDF format as separate attachments:

  1. the essay
  2. the author(s)’ curriculum vitae, with information on (i) current affiliation(s), (ii) academic institution awarding the PhD, (iii) year (or anticipated year) of the PhD, and (iv) author(s)’ birthdate.

Candidates also apply to:

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