Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025: Apply Now!

Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025: Apply Now!

Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025: Apply Now!

Introduction to the Wales & Africa Grant Scheme

The Wales and Africa 2024/25 grant scheme has announced the opening of its Round 6 for applications. This exciting scheme is designed to assist community groups and organizations across Wales in accessing funds for Wales-Africa projects. 

Through this scheme, community groups and organizations in Wales have the opportunity to access funding for small-scale projects that contribute to Wales’ delivery of UN Sustainable Development Goals. These projects are intended to deliver benefits to Wales and Africa and are aimed at promoting social, economic, and environmental development.

This grant can be a significant boost for community groups and organizations seeking to implement projects that promote sustainability and development in Wales and Africa. The funding can be used to support a wide range of initiatives, including but not limited to, environmental conservation projects, educational programs, healthcare improvements, and community development initiatives. 

The Wales and Africa 2024/25 scheme is an excellent opportunity for community groups and organizations to access funding and gain support for their projects. So, if you have a project that meets the criteria, don’t hesitate to apply and make a difference in your community.

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations can apply for grants between £1,000 and £20,000 to work with Sub-Saharan African partners to directly address one of the four themes listed below:

  • Health
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Climate Change and Environment
  • Sustainable Livelihoods

Projects must directly address one of the following four themes while collaborating with Sub-Saharan African partners:

  1. Health

Through our grants, we hope to protect the physical and mental health and general well-being of communities throughout Africa. Some instances of this could be:

  • Supporting knowledge and skills sharing between health institutions in Wales and Africa for mutual learning and benefit;
  • Supporting healthcare professionals in Africa to access small-scale training and support from Wales; and
  • Supporting communities in Wales and Africa to access to more equitable, quality healthcare
  1. Lifelong Learning

Under Lifelong Learning, we will assist individuals or groups of young people or adults in Wales and/or Africa in acquiring skills and knowledge. Some instances of this could be:

  • Linking communities in Wales with African partners to develop a mutual understanding of global development and international issues;
  • Supporting the educational needs of disadvantaged children in Africa and sharing that experience with school pupils in Wales, contributing to their global citizenship education; and
  • Supporting people in Africa to learn practical/vocational/artistic skills to improve their livelihoods.
  1. Climate Change and Environment

We will fund projects that lessen biodiversity loss and environmental degradation in Africa under our climate change and environment grant stream. We will also support practical and strategic efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and shield people from the effects of climate change on safety, water availability, and food supplies. Some instances of this could be:

  • Activities which support African farmers to adapt to a changing climate;
  • Projects which enable the use of renewable energy in Africa;
  • Projects engaging people in Wales with climate change issues as they affect Africa; or
  • Work aiming to support African partners in implementing sustainable development practices.
  1. Sustainable livelihoods

In order to ensure that marginalized people are included in grassroots economic and social development, we work to promote realistic and sustainable livelihood opportunities in Wales and throughout Africa. The following are initiatives that we back:

  • Community-led, income-generating cooperatives that have benefitted Wales and Africa;
  • Engaging the public through Fair Trade campaigns, advocacy or policy;
  • Activities that bring the consumer closer to the producer in a sustainable way;
  • Support to small-scale agricultural projects and activities; and
  • Support to grassroots income-generating activities.

Application Process 

The WCVA provides grants to individuals and organizations for various purposes. The grant range is between £3,000 and £15,000, which means that you can apply for funding within this range. If your funding request falls outside of this range, you will need to speak with a team member before submitting your request.

To get in touch with the WCVA, you can use the email address walesafricagrants@wcva.cymru. Please make sure to read the guidance document before you start your funding request. The guidance document provides useful information on the application process and what you should include in your application.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your funding request is more likely to be successful.

How to Apply 

The process for funding requests is live on the WCVA website. All requests are to be made on the downloadable application form and returned to walesafricagrants@wcva.cymru. It is important to go through all the application requirements on the official announcement page via the link below before applying.

Candidates also apply to:

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