Grant Opportunity: Apply Now for the British Institute BIEA Bringing Research Home Grant 2024/2025!


Introduction to the British Institute BIEA Bringing Research Home Grant 2024/2025 

For scholars who have recently completed doctoral research in eastern Africa’s humanities and social sciences, BIEA is accepting applications for its Bringing Research Home grant program for 2024–2025. In this context, “recently” is defined as up to three years after a successful PhD defence or graduation. These dissemination-enabling grants offer the chance to revisit the site of the PhD study, share findings with the community, and talk with local stakeholders about the possibility of doing more research.  

The grants are available to PhD students who have completed their research and are now seeking to disseminate their findings. The grants are an excellent opportunity for PhD students to reconnect with their host communities, gain further insight into their research, and potentially secure additional funding for future research.

Eligibility Criteria for the BIEA Bringing Research Home Grant

In order to guarantee legal compliance, candidates must be able to obtain their own institutional risk assessment and have a formal association with an accredited university or national research/heritage agency. Since this funding does not support research, neither an ethical approval nor a data management strategy are necessary if no research is conducted while the activity is being sponsored.

The BIEA must receive proof that the risk assessment was completed successfully before the grant can be given, which should happen by the end of August 2024 at the latest. The journey must be finished by December 2024. Within two weeks after the dissemination work’s conclusion, a comprehensive report of the grant’s expenses, along with scanned copies of receipts, must be delivered to the BIEA. The financial report should be submitted using the BIEA’s financial accounting form. Applicants can utilize the organization’s receipt temples while out in the field.

Selection Criteria

The funding awards provided by BIEA are highly competitive, with a large volume of applications received compared to the number that can be fully funded. In order to increase the likelihood of your application being successful, it is essential that you present a clear and compelling case for why your proposed dissemination activities should be supported by BIEA.

Additionally, your project must be viable, meaning it must be achievable within the budget and time frame you have outlined and meet all relevant health and safety regulations. Your budget outline should be realistic and provide a justification for the amounts requested. Lastly, you must have a clear plan for dissemination in place, which should outline how you intend to share your research findings with the wider community.

Benefits of the BIEA Bringing Research Home Grant

The maximum amount available is £3,000 per scholar. Successful applicants will be expected to complete their trip before the end of 2024; to supply several blog and social media posts to the BIEA for publication; and to be available for a public presentation about their trip.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for the Bringing Research Home program, you can find the application form, along with all the necessary details for applicants, by visiting . To complete the application process, you will need to submit the form, along with a supporting statement from your supervisor, via email to no later than March 7, 2024.

Please keep in mind that applications that are submitted past the deadline or are incomplete will not be considered. Successful applicants will be informed of their selection by late March. In the event that you do not receive any communication from the BIEA by early April, you should assume that your application was unsuccessful this time around, as the organization is unable to notify every unsuccessful applicant due to capacity constraints.

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