graduate attachment scheme

British Institute In East Africa BIEA Graduate Attachment Scheme 2024/2025

graduate attachment scheme

About the BIEA Graduate Attachment Scheme

The BIEA has opened its call for 2024/2025 applications for its Graduate Attachment Scheme. The BIEA graduate attachments are an exceptional professional development opportunity for recent graduates who have a keen interest in further studies in any field related to the humanities and social sciences in Africa. This program is designed to offer participants a chance to gain practical research experience and develop their professional networks during a three-month enrollment at the BIEA in Nairobi, Kenya.

During the program, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of research activities, including fieldwork, data collection, and analysis. Additionally, they will have access to a wealth of resources, including an extensive library with specialist collections and seminars and workshops to enhance their research skills.

The BIEA graduate attachments provide a unique opportunity to work with experienced researchers and scholars in the field, who will provide mentorship and guidance throughout the program. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their work and findings at BIEA research seminars and conferences.

Overall, the BIEA graduate attachments program offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for recent graduates looking to enhance their research skills and expand their professional networks in the field of humanities and social sciences in Africa.

Graduate attachés will be involved in three types of work while at the BIEA:

  • Attachés will develop specific research interests in the region, gain practical experience in conducting research by working as a research assistant on several innovative historical, archaeological, anthropological, political science and legal projects, gain pieces of training in research methods, and meet a variety of active researchers;
  • Assist with the administration of the BIEA, including website, library, reading groups focused on key texts in African studies, workshops and seminars; and
  • Conduct their own research, usually leading to the development of a plan for a Master’s or PhD. Their attachment involves the presentation of a paper in the BIEA Completion Seminar Series upon some aspect of the research they have carried out during their time at BIEA.
  • Have the opportunity to take beginner’s Kiswahili classes.

Eligibility Criteria for the BIEA Graduate Attachment Scheme

  • You will need a strong academic record, some experience in studying or researching Africa, and a clear interest in developing your own research.
  • You should also be able to show significant initiative, and you should be equally adept at working and living alone or as part of a large team.
  • You should be ready to offer enthusiastic assistance for various field projects and subsequent data analysis. 

Benefits of the BIEA Graduate Attachment Scheme 

Graduate attachés receive a monthly stipend towards living costs while staying in Nairobi for the duration of their attachment. Successful applicants will be accommodated together near the institute in accommodations provided by the BIEA. Successful applicants can choose to opt out of this shared accommodation, although no other funding or opportunities are provided by the BIEA. The BIEA will cover the cost of travel to and from Nairobi, a visa if required, and insurance for the period of the attachment.

Duration of Programme: 

  • Graduate attachments are three months long. There may be opportunities to extend your stay, but accommodation, food, visas, and transport changes will be at the attaché’s own expense.
  • Please specify the three-month time period(s) that you are available for this scheme in your application.

How to Apply 

The G.A.S. scheme, which is geared towards the development of research skills and career advancement, will be held in two cohorts throughout 2024. The first cohort will run from June to August, while the second will take place from September to November. 

Although applicants can indicate their preferred cohort, it is important to note that this cannot be guaranteed. Interested individuals should apply before the deadline of March 14, 2024, by submitting a CV and cover letter to [email protected]. The cover letter should explain the applicant’s research experience, including the methods used, and how participation in the scheme will be beneficial to their career development. 

To complete the application process, two academic references must be sent directly to the BIEA. Before applying, it is essential to review all the application requirements on the program page, which can be accessed via the link provided below.

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