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World Bank Junior Professional Associate jobs

World Bank Junior Professional Associate jobs

World Bank Junior Professional Associate jobs is open to all countries, citizens of any country in Africa, Asia, North America etc. can apply if other requirements for employment of World Bank Junior Professional.

This Junior Professional Programme was created and designed for young professionals all over the world to gain entry level professional experience in relevant field of studies.

This is one of the many unique opportunities at the World Bank many Programmes specifically designed and made for young professionals from any country or world.

The programme assigns professional tasks to junior professionals in their career fields. Recruited Junior professional Associates are expected to have strong skills:

Analytics skills

Qualitative research skills

Qualitative analysis skills

Quantitative skills

Research skills

Junior professionals Associates are expected to have technology knowledge and to use their knowledge and skills on their assignment.

Junior Professionals Associates will work side by side with senior associates and both forms a team to harness their power and strength to achieve goals

Junior Professional Associates will gain a lot in the Programme, acquiring added skills, mastering their skills, acquiring more knowledge on their career fields, gaining exposure, and networking with other junior and senior professionals

The experience, knowledge and connections garnered working as a junior professionals Associates at the World Bank could aid you as you move on at the expiration of your employment with the World Bank.

What The World Bank Requires of Applicants.

Interested Junior Professionals Associates are expected to have strong Academic achievements, that’s why applicants with a masters degree may have advantage than others with Bachelor Degrees. Also your academic grade may further influence and push your chances higher above others.

Junior Professional Associates are also expected to have skills, such as: Qualitative skills, quantitative skills, research skills analytics skills and considerable knowledge of tech: computer appreciate, software and their applications, Microsoft words applications

Importantly, Junior professional Associates are expected have analytical skills on their different areas of specialization.
The relevant areas are
Human Development
Public health
Environmental sciences
Social Sciences
Corporate Administration

And also more importantly, junior Professional Associates are expected to be native or fluent in one or more of the following languages considered world languages:
Russian and



As a junior professional Associates, you will be given an opportunity to gain experience in your different career fields.
For the period of your employment, junior Professional Associates will be engaged by tier one companies to deliver professional services. And junior professionals Associates are paid handsomely.

Qualifications for Entry.

To be eligible for the junior professional Associates, interested applicants must have the this requirements:

1. Applicants must be native or fluent in English or any of this other languages: French
Russian and

2. Applicants must be a bachelor’s degree holder and above. Masters degree is an added advantage.

3. Applicants must be from 28 years of age down to 18 years

Important Notice:
Applicants is on serious employment or is been considered for a serious employment would be required to proved a number of references. And only successful applicants will be received by the World Bank

Job Location
Successfully applicants may be assigned to a different country other than their country of residence. Also due to the nature of your work and Covid19, successfully applicants may be required to work remotely and properly report as when due

since applicants may be required to travel and live in a country other than theirs, when applying, we advise you to pick only those countries that you desire to travel to and to live.
There is a stage to select a desired country.

Junior professional Associates can stay on the employment of World Bank for such period specified in the junior professionals’ Letters of employment. Some junior professionals may stay up to two years while may not. Also some junior professionals may re-enter the Programme at the expiration of their contract with their individual organization. At this time, however, not under the employment of World Bank

How to apply? 

How to enter junior professionals Associates Programme.

Interested junior professional can begin application on the official application portal provided below.

Your application are kept active until deleted by you or the World Bank.
To begin your entry, click on the link to portal below, fill in your details beyond careful, on each stage, make sure to save your progress.

Check your email and remember to check your spam mail box incase the confirmation email is not in your main mail box. Then click and confirm your email and return to complete all the stages of the application to 100 percent, upload your CV and put your reference and submit, check your email for further information upon successfully submission of your application

World Equity Employment

Be informed that World Bank is equal employer, the organization searches and employee professionals, skillful individuals on their merits. There is no discrimination as to colour, gender, orientation, physical challenge etc. The World Bank junior Professional Associates is dedicated to empowering young professionals all over the world without favour on any basis

Applicants with presence of certain physical challenges are provided with amenities to reduce the effect of their challenges and enable to gain all other benefits open to all junior professionals

Follow this official application portal to begin application

World Bank Junior professionals Associates Programme 

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    I am 39years, what are the opportunities available to a 39-year-old MBA holder in Project Management with over 10 years of relevant working experience in HR, Procurement, Customer Services, and Admin roles at the World Bank?

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