List of Highly Recommend Funding Opportunities Africa Entrepreneurs Should apply

Do you have a viable business or business idea that has not been developed? If you are in any of the African countries, here are the the list of Highly Recommended funding opportunities that every Africa Business own/entrepreneurs should apply.

Running a business can very much hard sometimes, but what is harder is finding fundings to scale up. More than often lack of business financing can lead to the winding up of the business

Truth remains that there are so many funding opportunities for every entrepreneurs out there, whether you an entrepreneur in Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe or Austria.

These findings are available for every good business ideas and for every already existing businesses. There are many of these Opportunities for African entrepreneurs.

What is important is how to find the available funding opportunities, second most important question is whether you can meet the requirements for application so you need to get right and detailed information for available funding opportunities and those meant for Africans only and those for all the countries of the world.

You must also be sure that you have read and understand how to apply for each of the opportunities

Here we have made some list of funding opportunities that you as an African entrepreneurs are privileged and should apply

This post is detailed as much as possible to aid you on the application you may wish to make on any of the funding opportunities that are currently open to Africa Business ownes/ entrepreneurs

See these list of Highly Recommended Opportunities for Africans to apply, this list is not ranked in any order as all the funding opportunities are of same value and offers same business growth opportunity

1. The United States African development Foundation Entrepreneurship Fund.

This particular funding is coming from the United States for all Africa entrepreneurs who have vaible business or ideas that need to be developed

The United States African development Foundation provides several kinds of fundings, business support and development aids to African entrepreneurs.

When you visit their website for research about them and also more about entrepreneurship grants you will learn their website that, African entrepreneurs and small businesses can access grant capital, capacity building assistance and mentorship opportunities to grow and scale in Africa and beyond.

You will need to meet the United States African development Foundation requirements for entrepreneurship funding before you can apply for funding.

These requirements are majorly on whether your business is capable of solving problems, two whether you are a citizen of African, three whether your business is registered and pay tax, whether you are still at the idea stage, incubation period or growth period, some other eligibility criterias you can find on the site.

For more information about the grant opportunities currently available here, visit USADF’s website


2. The Access Bank Pitc a Ton for African Women Entrepreneurs

The Access Bank pitc a ton is for African women who are entrepreneurs. To qualify you must be a woman with a business idea or business that has began and still at the earliest stage

The Access Bank pict a ton funding opportunity is available to women entrepreneurs across the nine African countries that has Access Bank office and where Access Bank operates.

These Africa countries to easily identify whether you are qualified are;









South Africa



Applicants that are successful in their applications for the Access Bank pitc a ton funding stand the chance of winning grants as well as undertaking a mini MBA programme with institution in collaboration with the Access Bank

The Access Bank pitc a ton timelines usually last for three months, during this three months there will be pitching and sessions and the mini MBA training in collaboration with the International Finance Institution.

The Access Bank pitc a ton applications for this year is currently open and accepting applications from qualified women entrepreneurs

Visit Here for more The Access Bank Entrepreneurship Grant (5Million naira)


3. The GrowFin Entrepreneurship Fund

The Growfin Fund fincences both male and female entrepreneurs, from all part of African. You should read more below about the Growfin

GrowFin is regarded as a leading global financier of entrepreneurs all over. The Organization has helped and still helping entrepreneurs to grow their medium-sized enterprises/ Businesses through access to finance and and other support.

The Growfin was established in the year 2004 by like minded philanthropist and since its establishment in that year 2004, the Organization has stated that it has funded more than Eight thousands four hundred (8400) small and midsize businesses across Africa countries down to the Middle East countries

When you apply, successful applicants receive thousands of dollars to boost their businesses, however you must be qualified before you can be able to be funded. The qualification criterias can always be found on their website here below

Visit Growfin Fund


4. The Facebook Community Accelerator Funding, Coaching and Network

This one of the biggest funding opportunities for African entrepreneurs and which African entrepreneurs must take advantage of. This opportunity has a lot to offer such as funding, Business coaching ( you learn so much more, the many things you don’t know about business, and Network, as an entrepreneur you will Network with other like minded entrepreneurs out there for future collaboration, support and the more

The Facebook Community Accelerator Funding, Coaching and Network is focused on majorly on helping business owners harness the power of their community to better their businesses and as well to turn ideas into a reality.

The Facebook Community Accelerator Funding, Coaching and Network will take eight (8) months each year and during these eight month, participants will undergo training, mentorship, and receive funds to invest in an initiative that extends their community’s positive impact.

This opportunity is the partnership of Facebook and GlobalGiving And during the eight months Facebook Community Accelerator Funding, Coaching and Network timeline Facebook will work hand in hand with GlobalGiving to fund successful participants’ project plans.

And the successful participants for The Facebook Community Accelerator Funding, Coaching and Network will receive funding in excess of $40,000 (USD) each.

More details on this and how to apply See The Facebook Community Accelerator, Coaching and Network for Entrepreneurs


5 The Ecobank Fintech Challenge

Ecobank is the only Pan African Bank and this means that unlike Access Bank, every African countries are qualified to participate on the Ecobank Fintech Challenge. And this is open to both make entrepreneurs and female counterparts

One of the bigger benefits of participanting on the Ecobank Fintech Challenge is that apart the winners of this challenge yearly, ten finalists are usually inducted by Ecobank into the Ecobank Fintech Fellowship at the finals and awards ceremonies

The Ecobank Fintech challenge are usually targeted at early stage and mature startups that are truly innovative in nature and had a lot of solutions to the fintech challenges

The goal which is to contribute to the growth of Africa innovators is the major focus for Ecobank and many other partners such as Konfidants and others

More to gain for participating in the Ecobank Fintech challenge are:

The winner of the Ecobank Fintech Challenge each year would receive a cash funding in excess of $50,000

Winner will be opened to opportunity to partner with partner firms to scale their solutions across all African countries

Ten (10) finalists for the challenge will be inducted into the Ecobank Fintech Fellowship

Fellows will qualify to explore the following opportunities with the Bank and its partners:

Multinational products roll out

Pursue integration with Ecobank

Launch your products in the Africa countries and so much more as you would find on this link below

See if you are interested in the Ecobank Fintech challenge The Eco Bank Fintech Africa Innovators and Entrepreneurship Challenge ($15,000)

Africa Agri-food Development Program (AADP-€250,000 funding)

Impact ToolBox Community Ambassador ($3000)

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