Jobs, Opportunities and applications

Jobs, Opportunities and applications 

Jobs, Opportunities currently open for youth and their applications processes 

Are you looking for opportunities? You are most likely going to find one or more here and their applications processes.  

Jobs, Opportunities and applications
Jobs, Opportunities and applications

Opportunities are favourable circumstances or situations that arise in people’s life, which provide a chance for progress, advancement, or success. Opportunities can manifest in different forms and at various times, presenting themselves as openings or possibilities for growth, improvement, or achievement.  

Opportunities may arise from external sources, such as job offers, scholarship offers, Fellowship offers, Business funding offers, or networking with other game changers etc. Opportunities can also arise from internal sources, such as personal development like taking free online courses, self-improvement like fully funded local and international conferences, education seminars, webinars, or skill enhancement.  

Opportunities can come in various forms, catering to different aspects of our lives. Here are some common types of opportunities: 

  1. Professional Opportunities: These include job offers, promotions, career advancements, salary increments, or opportunities to switch careers. Professional opportunities can arise from networking, job fairs, job postings, or even through word of mouth. They can be significant in shaping our careers, helping us achieve our financial and professional goals. 
  1. Educational Opportunities: These include opportunities for formal education, such as scholarships, grants, fellowships. Educational opportunities can also arise from informal sources, such as online courses, workshops, seminars, or mentoring programs. They can provide us with the knowledge, skills, and credentials to excel in our chosen fields and open new possibilities for growth and development. 
  1. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: These include opportunities to start or grow our own businesses, such as funding, partnerships, collaborations, or market gaps. Entrepreneurial opportunities require innovation, risk-taking, and vision, and can be a pathway to financial independence, creativity, and fulfilment. 
  1. Personal Development Opportunities: These include opportunities for self-improvement, such as personal growth workshops, coaching, mentoring, or self-reflection. 


There are several open opportunities for the youths which any young person should not miss. We have so many of these opportunities published on our website and we listed some of these opportunities below. 

Here are some lists of opportunities you can take to advance your career or achieve career success  

The UN Jobs for all nations 

The United Nations job for all nations is open for application and Nigerians can apply. Participant in this opportunity will be employed by the United Nation under certain categories for the period of twelve month. Participant can be posted anywhere, within or outside his or her country. You can check this opportunity by following the above to read more and how to application

Apple paid remote internship for postgraduate students of African countries. 

This Apple remote paid internship opportunity is open to Nigerian and all other African students who undergoing masters or PhD studies in a any of the recognized Universities. follow the above to read more about the Apple paid remote internship opportunities.  

The MasterCard foundation multiple jobs for African 

This is another great opportunity for Africans to leverage on. this the masterCard foundation currently open jobs. if you are searching for a job, this an opportunities that you must check. read more the masterCard foundation jobs including the applications here 

World Bank Young Processionals jobs program. 

Another great opportunity for you. there are multiple jobs currently open at the World Bank, successfully accepted applicant may not have to go looking for another as this opportunities is a big deal on your career life. The jobs are open to qualified citizens of the countries under the world bank group. read more on how to send applications above

The International Peace Institute paid internship 

Here is another opportunity you should not miss as a young person who is looking for a job. the opportunities is open to both students and graduates of the countries listed. read more for applications process.

The United Nations Development program graduate job offers 

The World Bank Fellowship program; this another fully funded World Bank opportunity that the Nigeria youth can leverage on for opportunity abroad dreams.

UNDP graduate employment programmes

This is another great opportunities at the UNDP for fresh graduates. if you are fresh graduate of a higher institutions as listed under, you should send applications for the UNDP graduate employment programme

Word Trade Organization early career internship programme for all countries

If you are looking for an internship opportunities, here is one of the best organization that you like to start your early career with. The world trade organization early career internship programme is open to fresh graduates and postgraduates of any recognized higher institution.

The fully paid UNICEF on site internship with relocation sponsorship 

Other Opportunities you may want to see are listed below. This opportunities listed below are for entrepreneurs seeking for business support;

  1. The entrepreneurship campus organization 
  2. Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme for all Africans($5000) Apply
  3. ShEquity Accelerator Program 2023 for African Entrepreneurs | Apply Now
  4. Wema Bank Hackathon Program 2023 for Nigerian Entrepreneurs | Apply Now
  5. Bank of Industry (BOI) Entrepreneurship Programme 2023 for Young Nigerians | Apply Now
  6. Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2023 for Black Founders and Developers worldwide.

See also scholarship opportunities for students who are seeking scholarship to further their studies or to pursue education abroad.

The Danish Masters scholarship program for engineers 

The Bill Gate scholarship program 

The Chevening scholarship program worldwide, Nigerian youth can leverage this opportunity for his or her abroad dream 

DAAD Masters Scholarship 2023 for African Students (Fully-funded) | Study-In-Germany

University of Stuttgart Scholarship Program 2023 for Developing Countries | Study-In-Germany

University of Edinburgh Glenmore Postgraduate Scholarship 2023 for Developing Countries | Study-In-UK

University of Edinburgh Surgery Online Global Scholarships 2023 for Developing Countries | Study-In-UK

University of East Anglia Global Voices Scholarship Program 2023 for African Students | Study-In-UK

University Of Winnipeg Presidents Scholarships 2023 For International Students | Study-In-USA

University of Dundee Global Citizenship Scholarship For International Students | Study-In-UK

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) 2023 For International Students | Apply Now

NRF-MINDS Postgraduate Scholarship 2023 For African Students | Study-In-Africa

University of Edinburgh Glenmore Postgraduate Scholarship 2023 for Developing Countries | Study-In-UK

MasterCard KNUST Undergraduate Scholarships 2023 For African Students | Study-In-Ghana

There are so much other opportunities currently open that any opportunity seeker should check. you can find so many other job opportunities, scholarship opportunities, entrepreneurship funding and so much more.

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