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Introduction to the Young Changemaker Grants

Unloc, in collaboration with Verizon through the Unloc Changemaker Alliance, presents the Young Changemaker Grants, a golden opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and community-driven individuals. These grants offer up to £1,000 to help you bring your innovative ideas to life. The Unloc Changemaker Alliance will provide mentorship and support to help you take your idea to the next level. We will also connect you to a network of like-minded individuals to inspire you and help you achieve your goals. Looking to bring your innovative ideas to life? Then this is your golden opportunity.

Unloc, a dynamic organization committed to nurturing young talent, is offering a helping hand through its Young Changemaker Grants. One of the world’s leading technology firms, Verizon supports this initiative. The goal is simple but powerful: to provide aspiring changemakers aged 14 to 25 in the United Kingdom with the financial support they need to kickstart their entrepreneurial projects, community endeavors, or social enterprises. 

These grants are your chance to transform your dreams into reality. Unloc understands the challenges young people face when trying to secure funding for their visionary projects. The Young Changemaker Grants are designed to bridge that gap. With the potential to receive up to £1,000 in seed funding, you’ll have the resources to test your ideas and turn them into something tangible.

Eligibility Criteria for the Young Changemaker Grants

The Young Changemaker Grants are open to young individuals aged 14 to 25 in the UK. Whether you have an ambitious project that addresses a pressing social need in your community or a business idea waiting to be launched, Unloc and Verizon want to hear from you. This opportunity is a platform for you to bring your ideas to life and create a positive impact.

Benefits of the Young Changemakers Grants

The Young Changemakers Grant is packed full of benefits for young people looking to change the world with their innovative ideas. Below are a few of them:

No costs, only rewards:

One of the most enticing aspects of this opportunity is that there are no application fees or hidden costs. Unloc and Verizon are committed to providing young changemakers with a fair chance to pursue their passions. The grants are about empowering young people, not burdening them with financial constraints.

The Prize: Up to £1,000

The Young Changemaker Grants offer financial support of up to £1,000. This seed funding can serve as the catalyst for your project, giving you the resources to make your vision a reality. Whether you need funding for equipment, marketing, research, or other project-related expenses, this grant can provide the financial boost you need.

Application Details

To apply for the Young Changemaker Grants, send your submissions to [email protected]. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to receive support for your groundbreaking ideas. Remember, your ideas have the potential to make a lasting impact on your community and beyond.

Note that the deadline for applications is November 30, 2023. Make sure to submit your application well before the deadline to ensure your project is considered. Don’t let your dreams languish in the shadows. Take the first step towards realizing your vision by applying for the Young Changemaker Grants. With the support of Unloc and Verizon, you can turn your innovative ideas into impactful solutions. Your journey to becoming a changemaker starts here.

Before you start your application, visit the official website by clicking the link below for more information. 

Visit the official Website Here.

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