20240312 173647 0000 - 2024 Women's Social Entrepreneurship Challenge: Empowering UN SDGs (Funded Trip)

2024 Women’s Social Entrepreneurship Challenge: Empowering UN SDGs (Funded Trip)

Introduction to the Women’s Social Entrepreneurship Empowering UN SDGs Challenge


The 2024 WE Empower UN SDG Challenge, initiated by the UN Secretary General, President of the World Bank, and the Council of Women World Leaders in 2018, has now opened its doors for applications. This groundbreaking global competition celebrates and supports women social entrepreneurs who are driving progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and inspiring entire communities to strive for a better world by 2030.

This unique opportunity acknowledges the innovative endeavors of women entrepreneurs and offers Awardees capacity-building training sessions and access to an extensive global network. By empowering these entrepreneurs, the program aims to spotlight their vital role in advancing the SDGs and addressing humanity’s most pressing issues.

In 2024, selected WE Empower Challenge Awardees will be engaged in events coinciding with the 79th UN General Assembly. Additionally, they will have the chance to interact with distinguished business experts from across the globe, fostering further growth and collaboration.

Co-convened by the ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory and Vital Voices Global Partnership, the WE Empower Challenge brings together influential organizations committed to driving positive change. Through this collaboration, the program seeks to amplify the impact of women social entrepreneurs and highlight their potential to drive sustainable development worldwide.

By providing a platform for these changemakers, the WE Empower Challenge not only recognizes their achievements but also nurtures their potential to catalyze transformative solutions. It serves as a testament to the power of women’s entrepreneurship in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

In a world where gender equality and sustainable development are increasingly recognized as interconnected goals, initiatives like the WE Empower Challenge play a crucial role in fostering innovation and collaboration. By supporting women social entrepreneurs, we not only empower individuals but also pave the way for broader societal change.

As applications open for the 2024 edition of the WE Empower UN SDG Challenge, aspiring women entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize this opportunity to showcase their initiatives and contribute to building a more prosperous and equitable world. Together, let us embark on a journey towards a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, and no one is left behind.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, you should self-identify as a female entrepreneur and possess primary decision-making authority within your enterprise. Your business or organization must have operated for a minimum of three years by August 1, 2024. Additionally, you must have a workforce of at least three full-time employees or equivalents.

Your business or organization should generate an annual revenue of at least $75,000 USD. For non-profit entities, revenue may include donations, grants, and proceeds from fundraising activities. Proficiency in English is required for professional communication. You must also be at least 21 years old by August 1, 2024. Availability for in-person participation in New York City from September 22 to September 29, 2024, and potentially virtual engagement from August through December 2024 is necessary.


Selection Criteria

The recipients of the award will be informed by July 2024 and will be granted the chance to journey to New York City, NY, for the UN Global Goals/Climate Week from September 22 to 27, 2024. During this time, they will partake in specialized training sessions provided by prominent partners, participate in notable events alongside UN officials, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 12, 2024.

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