2024 Coca-Cola HBC International Leadership Trainee Program: Empowering Young Graduates

Applications are now open for the 2024 Coca-Cola HBC International Leadership Trainee Program.

The Coca-Cola HBC International Leadership Trainee Program caters to exceptional talents embarking on their professional journey. Designed to accelerate your global career in Commercial, this program cultivates the leaders of tomorrow. Commencing in October 2024, it integrates international exposure and robust leadership development, enabling participants to operate within any of our markets across 29 countries.

Throughout the program, trainees take on the responsibility of managing intricate strategic projects, gaining essential skills and knowledge for future leadership roles. Focused on fostering commercial expertise, the program offers hands-on learning experiences in creating and executing commercial strategies. Moreover, it hones soft skills, strategic thinking, public speaking, stakeholder management, and other leadership competencies.

The ultimate objective is to propel your career forward, empowering you to become a commercial leader who drives innovation and advances Coca-Cola HBC’s success.

  • Embark on an exceptional program designed to propel your professional growth and global career trajectory.
  • Experience a dynamic blend of hands-on assignments both in-office and in the field, coupled with high-impact projects.
  • Through our collaboration with Hult International Business School, we present a unique fusion of academic prowess and real-world business acumen, empowering aspiring leaders with essential skills.
  • Engage in a comprehensive learning journey guided by seasoned Senior Leaders from Coca-Cola.
  • The application process offers an enlightening educational experience in itself.


You aspire to cultivate a dynamic commercial career within a high-performance atmosphere, such as sales, digital commerce, or commercial finance.

Driven by determination, curiosity, and self-motivation, you thrive in roles that offer diversity, extensive collaboration, and intellectual challenge. Embracing various perspectives and individuals, you possess an ambition to instigate change, lead projects, and mentor others.

Flexibility is key to your career advancement, and you are prepared to relocate internationally to expedite your professional growth.

With 1-3 years of experience in any business-related field, along with a university degree or nearing completion of one, you are dedicated to committing full-time hours (40 hours/week). Fluent in English and possessing legal eligibility to work in your desired country, you are primed to embark on your next career endeavor.


1. Competitive Compensation

This position requires your full-time dedication. Despite being an entry-level role, we offer an attractive salary and benefits package that competes well within the industry.

  1. Global Exposure

Your journey begins with local commercial responsibilities, gradually expanding to encompass international assignments and collaborative projects across various countries.

  1. Collaboration with HULT Business School

Partnering with the esteemed Hult International Business School, Coca-Cola HBC merges academic excellence with practical expertise, culminating in a certification from Hult EF upon program completion.

  1. Hands-on Market Immersion

From daily tasks to dynamic international projects and market visits, your role will involve a diverse array of activities including presentations and meetings, providing invaluable market experience.

  1. Comprehensive Learning Opportunities

We offer a multifaceted learning environment encompassing peer-to-peer interactions, on-the-job training, mentorship, and formal educational programs, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application

6. Guidance from Senior Leadership

Embark on your career journey with dedicated support, including a local buddy for operational guidance and mentorship from one of our esteemed Top 300 Leaders.

7. Accelerated Growth in Commercial Domains

Our program emphasizes a holistic approach to commercial development, encompassing sales, finance, analytics, and digital strategies, offering both structured training and hands-on learning experiences.

8. Diverse International Commercial Exposure

Coca-Cola HBC work with nearly 100 brands and operate in 29 markets. You will handle international projects, with a culturally diverse team.

Selection Criteria


Please submit your CV and respond to a few preliminary questions. Upon completion, you will be scheduled for a Business Reasoning test and a brief video interview.


Following your initial interview, you’ll receive detailed feedback to facilitate self-reflection and readiness for the subsequent steps in the process. You’ll engage in an interview with a Recruitment Manager and a Senior Commercial Leader.


Participate in a business simulation alongside our Sales team. Observe, listen, and then present your insights to the Country General Manager and the People & Culture Director during a meeting.


Engage in interactive simulations during the online assessment day, followed by a one-hour session with a professional coach. These activities are designed to prepare you for the final stage: a meeting with our Group Senior Leaders.

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