Applications for the 2024 FNB Graduate Programme are now open

welcoming candidates who embody nontraditional thinking and possess innovative, self-driven qualities. The FNB Graduate Team seeks individuals who can efficiently accomplish tasks, surpass customer expectations, and uphold the commitment to providing genuine assistance. If you resonate with these qualities and are approaching the final year of your university program, particularly in fields such as BSc and Commerce, with specializations in Quantitative Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, or Information and Computing Sciences, we encourage you to apply.

As a participant in the FNB Graduate Program, you will embark on a journey towards a permanent position within our organization. Successful candidates will be assigned to specific business units, engaging in full-time roles while benefiting from monthly training sessions and involvement in an action learning project. This comprehensive approach ensures that graduates not only gain valuable hands-on experience but also continue to develop and refine their skills in a supportive environment.

The program is designed to cultivate a diverse range of talents and perspectives

The program is designed to cultivate a diverse range of talents and perspectives, fostering an inclusive culture where every individual’s unique strengths are celebrated and leveraged. Whether you possess a knack for problem-solving in quantitative analysis, excel in engineering challenges, explore the intricacies of physical sciences, or thrive in the dynamic realm of information and computing sciences, there’s a place for you within FNB.

To Apply

To apply for the FNB Graduate Program, simply submit your CV and latest academic transcript. This opportunity is your gateway to a fulfilling career where you’ll have the chance to make a real impact while continuously growing both personally and professionally. Join us in shaping the future of banking by bringing your innovative spirit and commitment to excellence to the forefront. Apply now and seize the opportunity to become part of our dynamic team at FNB.


We are seeking individuals with a track record of academic excellence, exemplified by strong academic transcripts, as they embark on the final leg of their university journey. Specifically, we’re looking for students completing programs within the realms of BSc and Commerce, with a focus on areas such as Actuarial Science, Maths, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Information Systems, Computer Science, Chemistry, Data Science, UX, or related fields. A keen analytical and numeric mindset, coupled with robust problem-solving abilities, is paramount for success in this role.

Your role will be multifaceted, encompassing various responsibilities aimed at delivering exceptional service and driving innovation within our organization. You’ll be expected to provide top-tier service by attentively listening to customer needs and crafting innovative solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Furthermore, your contributions to team success will hinge upon your ability to efficiently complete tasks, meticulously plan, maintain accurate records, and ensure timely updates of relevant information.

Active Engagement

Active engagement in our innovation processes is crucial. This entails participating in brainstorming sessions, proposing novel ideas, and collaborating with colleagues to devise creative solutions aligned with our business objectives. Moreover, we encourage the development of your career potential through involvement in knowledge-sharing initiatives, project contributions, and leveraging training opportunities to broaden your expertise and stay abreast of industry trends.

Taking ownership of your personal and professional growth is key. Seize opportunities for learning and development by undertaking training assignments, attending pertinent workshops and seminars, and consistently seeking ways to enhance competencies that resonate with our company’s values and propel you toward your full potential.

In summary, we’re seeking academically accomplished individuals poised to leverage their analytical prowess and problem-solving skills to deliver exceptional service, drive innovation, and foster personal and professional growth within our dynamic organization. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of continuous learning and impactful contribution, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of our company.

Application Deadline: August 24, 2024

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