Westlake University Summer Camp 2024 in China (Fully Funded)

Westlake University Summer Camp 2024 in China (Fully Funded)

Westlake University Summer Camp 2024 in China (Fully Funded)

Introduction to the Westlake University Summer Camp 2024

Westlake University, nestled in the vibrant city of Hangzhou, China, is proud to announce the eagerly anticipated Westlake University Summer Camp 2024, inviting students from all corners of the globe to embark on a transformative journey of discovery. This illustrious event, known as the Westlake International Undergraduate Summer Camp 2024, promises an enriching two-week immersion into the captivating realm of life science research and innovation. What sets this summer camp apart is its inclusive nature, as applicants need not fret about language proficiency exams like IELTS; instead, they can focus on their passion for scientific exploration. 

Moreover, to ensure that all aspiring scientists can participate, Westlake University generously covers all expenses, making it accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. Throughout the program, attendees will engage in a diverse array of activities, including enlightening lectures and hands-on laboratory experiments led by esteemed scientists. But it’s not all work and no play—participants can also look forward to a myriad of cultural exchange activities, promising to create unforgettable memories and forge lasting friendships. 

Hosted by the esteemed Westlake University School of Life Sciences, this international undergraduate summer camp offers a unique opportunity for students majoring in biology or related fields to broaden their horizons in a stimulating academic environment. Conducted entirely in English and situated on the picturesque Westlake University campus, this summer camp is not just an educational endeavour; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold.

What to Expect at the Summer Camp

  • Carry Out Laboratory Experiments: Students will get the chance to carry out laboratory experiments during the course.
  • Proficiency in Cutting-edge Research Methods: Students will undertake sophisticated laboratory experiments and gain knowledge from internationally recognized professors in cutting-edge research methods.
  • Acquire Leadership and Networking Skills: Students will meet fellows in the field and have the opportunity to network and acquire leadership skills.
  • Discover Westlake and Hangzhou: The Camp also includes exploration and trips to some of the best scenic spots in the region, as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Benefits of the Westlake University Summer Camp 2024

  • No Tuition Fee
  • Meals and accommodations will be provided.
  • Reimbursement of Tickets for Domestic Students.
  • Economy Class Reimbursement of Tickets for International Students
  • Westlake University will provide all students with personal accident and short-term health insurance.

Note: This does not include the Visa fee.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All nationals from around the world are welcome.
  • Undergraduate students majoring in biological sciences or fields related to the life sciences.
  • presently enrolled in their third year of college, their senior year of college, or, beginning in the fall of 2024, their fourth year of college.
  • Send in a current picture of your ID.
  • Take a picture of a copy of your passport or national ID card.
  • Scan the most recent transcript for undergraduate study.

How to Apply

To apply for the Westlake International Summer Camp 2024, interested candidates are invited to complete a simple online application form. The process is designed to be accessible and efficient, requiring applicants to provide necessary information and upload relevant documents. The official link to access the application portal is readily available on the Westlake University website. Interested individuals are encouraged to review the application requirements and submit their materials before the deadline on May 6, 2024, ensuring enough time for consideration. Click the link below to begin your application.

Candidates also apply to:

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