Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL Scholarships 2024/2026 For International Students: Apply Now!


Introduction to the Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL Scholarships

Applications are now being accepted for the September 2024 academic session for Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL Scholarships. Put in an application now. “Global Markets, Local Creativities” (GLOCAL) is an International Master’s degree taught over 2 years by a consortium of 7 world-class and internationally renowned universities.

The programme aims to examine how local places (clusters, cities, and regions) and local actors (entrepreneurs, firms, and policymakers) generate local competitiveness under global market conditions. This programme highlights the importance of the historical and social context in which economic development, public policy and business strategies take place. This two-year academic programme equips you with the critical skills to make sense of the intersecting complementarity of the global and local, but also provides opportunities for practical experience with companies and public policy organisations.

Depending on which pathway you choose, you will take between eight and ten core and around eight optional courses delivered as a mix of lectures and seminars, and you will study at 3 of the GLOCAL partner universities. The programme also includes opportunities for internships and industrial placements.

The degree is ideal for highly talented students seeking a career in urban or public policy organisations, multinational corporations, international consultancies, cultural and creative industries, or other non-profit organisations.  Students will be encouraged to explore a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives on the process and experience of globalisation from a place-based perspective, in particular of cities, creative industries, development and local cultures of entrepreneurship.

The GLOCAL programme is dedicated to equality in all its activities. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and seek to create a learning environment that is free from discrimination and unfair treatment.  We fully engage with and subscribe to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion principles and policies of the University of Glasgow, which can be found here.

Eligible Fields of Study

You can only apply for one study track.

We accept applications from a variety of backgrounds within the social sciences, business majors, humanities and languages; however, a strong background in history, economics, political science, development studies, or business is preferred.

Academic Background requirements depend on which study track you choose to apply for.

Study tracks A, C, D, E and G are suitable for applicants with an academic background in History, Sociology, Political Science and International Relations, as well as applicants from an Arts and Humanities academic background (English Language, Literature, Anthropology, Languages, etc.).

Applicants who have previously studied Economics or Business/Management are also welcome to apply to these study tracks, so long as they can evidence some wider interest.

Study tracks B and F are suitable for applicants with an academic background in History, Economics, Business/Management, Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, or another Social Science.

Those applying for Pathway B and F are required to have an academic background in Social Sciences.

Other majors (such as Engineering, Sciences, Architecture etc.) will also be considered for entry into the programme and for the scholarship if they have a significant academic background in the targeted fields listed above.

Additional study track guidance can be found in the Acceptable Academic Backgrounds document. Please note we cannot give individual advice on whether your background is suitable. You must make your case in your personal statement as to why you think you fit within GLOCAL.

Benefits of the Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL Scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL Scholarships include:

  • a contribution to the student participation costs (tuition fees, full insurance coverage and any other mandatory participation costs)
  • a contribution to student travel and installation costs
  • a monthly subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the study programme

The contribution to travel and installation costs and contribution to subsistence costs take into account only the residence (as determined above, on 6th January 2024) of the scholarship holder regardless of the category under which the student has applied.

Selection Criteria

GLOCAL Erasmus Mundus scholarships can be offered to students from any region of the world; however, no more than three applicants with the same nationality will be awarded in the same intake under the same category. The scholarship’s terms depend on the student’s nationality and residence.

Eligible Countries

This two-year International Master’s leverages the complementary and interdisciplinary expertise, resources and networks of seven leading universities (The Consortium) in seven innovative cities:

  • Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Göttingen (Germany)
  • Uppsala (Sweden)
  • Bogotá (Colombia)
  • Kyoto (Japan)

How To Apply For Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL Scholarships

All applications must be submitted through the University of Glasgow’s online application system (link below). All applications are made online and all supporting documents must be uploaded to your online application. Please note that we do not accept any applications or supporting documents via email. Also note that the deadline for applications is January 12, 2024.

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