Cover letter sample to use anytime you are applying for a job and can also be used as a guide to prepare a very good cover letter 

Cover Letter Sample

Cover letter sample to use anytime you are applying for a job and can also be used as a guide to prepare a very good cover letter

This cover letter sample is going to be a bit different from the other cover letters you may have seen, the reason is because this one is a professionally writing.  

When you are writing a cover letter for job application or scholarship or that the cover letter is for fellowship or for any other purposes, make sure that your cover letter is very clear and simple. Use very simple English and be precise, direct and make it as short as possible depending on the category in which you are writing the cover letter 

Here below is a cover letter sample you can always use as a guild when writing your own cover letter, keep in mind that every job is unique. Unique in the sense that job positions and requirements differ 

Hiring Manager, 

I would like to submit my application for the position of manager at Sandy soul limited. I’m a highly skilled Manger with over six years of experience, I am confident in my ability to manage and make a significant contribution to your team. 

In my current role as manager at Jmerk limited, I have been able develop a very strong set of skills in business management, communication, and leadership, which I believe will be valuable assets in this position. I have as well gained extensive experience in the following; team management, task completion, and team leadership, which has allowed me to hone my abilities and develop a deep understanding of the management industry. 

With my six years of experience in the field of company management, I have developed a strong understanding of business management, communication, interpersonal relationship that would enable me to contribute to the success of Jmerk. I am proficient in leadership abilities, communication, understanding and have a proven track record of Mangement and team leadership  

I am known for my ability to manage, lead and communicate and have a keen eye for detail, which has helped me consistently deliver high-quality work. I am a fast learner and adapt well to changing environments, allowing me to effectively function in my position. I am also a team player and thrive in collaborative environments, while also being capable of working independently and taking ownership of my work. 

As professionally trained manager, I am passionate about company/business management and stay up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices. I believe that my skills and experience align perfectly with the requirements of the managerial position at Jmerk. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my expertise to Jmerks team and help drive the company’s success. 

I have attached my resume for your review, which provides further details on my qualifications. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my candidacy in further detail and how I can contribute to the growth and success of Jmerk. Thank you for considering my application. 





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