University of Laval African Scholarships 2024/2025: Apply Now!


Introduction to University of Laval African Scholarships 2024/2025

The University of Laval, Canada, is offering scholarships for international students from Maghreb and sub-Saharan African countries to study for undergraduate degrees. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. The scholarships are awarded for a period of up to four years.

The program has the noble objective of supporting and promoting academic excellence by providing scholarships to foreign students who are citizens of an African country. The scholarships are meant for students who have been admitted to an undergraduate program at Université Laval, a renowned academic institution that has been shaping the future of bright minds for many years. The program aims to help students achieve their academic goals and aspirations by providing them with financial support and access to quality education. It is a great opportunity for students from Africa to gain valuable knowledge and skills and contribute positively to the development of their respective countries.

This scholarship provides a grant of $5,000 per year to the eligible recipient. The scholarship is renewable for an additional year, subject to specific criteria set by the faculty to maintain excellence in academics. The renewal of the scholarship is contingent upon the recommendation of the research director and subsequent approval by the faculty. The recipient must fulfill all the eligibility requirements and maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving the scholarship.

Eligible Field of Study

  • First cycle
  • Administrative sciences
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Eligibility for University of Laval Scholarships

Interested applicants must:

  • Have graduated or are in the process of graduating from a secondary school (baccalaureate) in the Maghreb or sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Students starting in the summer semester are not eligible
  • Be newly admitted to the fall or winter semester at the BAA
  • Have an average of  14/20 and more general average; 14/20 and above in mathematics
  • Never have obtained credits at Laval University
  • Be registered full-time in the BAA, for two consecutive sessions
  • Be a national of a Maghreb or sub-Saharan African country
  • Submit a complete application for admission to the BBA program for winter 2019 or fall 2019 before the deadlines and be admitted as a student

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria include the academic record, which should be excellent, and the financial situation, which may be precarious. It is crucial to meet the eligibility requirements and carefully review the selection criteria to increase the chances of being awarded the funding.

When applying for scholarships or funding at FSA website ULaval, it is important for applicants to carefully review the eligibility and selection criteria. In addition to the details mentioned in this fact sheet, applicants should also refer to the “Know Before You Apply” and “Application Assessment Criteria” tabs in the Scholarships and Funding section.

How to Apply 

Please note that the deadline for submitting your application is April 12, 2024. To complete the application process, you must fill out the online form in its entirety. Additionally, you are required to attach transcripts from your most recent studies to your application. Please ensure that the transcripts are accurate and up-to-date. If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.


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