Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters' Students

Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters’ Students

Application for the Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters’ Students is now open for interested students who desires to study in Canada to apply. continue to read the full details below if you are interested in the Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters’ Students

Value: Up to $42,000 per year for up to two years, plus $2,500 toward international tuition fees and relocation allowance, if applicable

Scholarship type: Entrance

Degree level: Thesis-based master’s

Available to: Canadian or international students

Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships awards to increase in value as of May 2023

Killam Scholarships and Fellowships are the most prestigious post-graduate awards granted by Dalhousie University and are intended to reduce barriers for Dal’s leading-edge Killam scholars so they can fully focus on making an impact through their research. Feedback from our graduate community has made it clear that an adjustment is needed for these awards to achieve this intent.

With the support of the Killam Trustees, the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) is pleased to announce an increase in value for each of our Killam awards, effective May 1, 2023. The increase applies for new and current award holders at the master’s, PhD and postdoctoral level.

Killam Masters-Level Awards: Increase from $25,000/year to $42,000/year, plus a $2,500/term international tuition fee supplement if applicable.

Killam Doctoral-Level Awards: Increase from $30,000/year to $42,000/year.

Killam Post-Doctoral Awards: Increase from $45,000/year to $50,000/year.

These award values for the Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters’ Students may become partially or fully honorary, based on other FGS-managed awards received. More details can be found on the FGS webpages for each of these awards.

Please note that the substantial change in award value may impact funding received from other sources starting in May 2023. Current Killam Scholars and Fellows are encouraged to discuss the impact of this change on other funding they may be receiving with their supervisor and department.

If you have any questions, please contact Niki Power, Scholarships Liaison Officer, at fgs.slo@dal.ca.

Scholarship Description for the Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters’ Students

Dalhousie awards Killam Predoctoral Scholarships on a competitive basis to outstanding graduate students in thesis-based programs (Master’s or Doctoral level) in any discipline in the sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. Candidates are selected from the Harmonized Scholarship Process based on departmental support and the results of the university-level review process.

Master’s students may hold a Level 1 Killam Scholarship for up to 24 months (but not past the end of the second year of your program).

If you are receiving other FGS-Managed awards (Tri-agency doctoral, NSGS, Scotia Scholar, MSSU, etc.), they will be subject to FGS funding stacking rules, resulting in the Killam or other awards being designated as honorary for some or all of the award duration.

The $42,000/year (or $14,000/term) value of this award includes all forms of FGS-managed support such Tri-Agency awards, provincial scholarships, etc. Funding received from non-FGS managed sources such as departmental awards, faculty research grants and department allocations will not impact the value of Killam funding received.

Relocation allowance

New Killam scholars relocating to Nova Scotia to start their graduate program will be assisted with the cost of travel.  Reimbursement of expenses, not to exceed the lowest cost airfare available by the most direct route, will be made for you upon completion of travel and submission of a travel expense claim form with all original receipts and boarding passes (if applicable).  Expenses must be submitted for reimbursement no later than the end of your first term at Dalhousie.  Unfortunately, no reimbursements are provided for the transportation of family members or personal effects.

Non-paid interruption of award

Non-paid interruptions of awards for up to 12 months will be permitted for an approved leave of absence from the graduate program for which funding was received.  A student may not interrupt an award in order to take up another award or to pursue studies other than those for which a student has received funding.

Paid parental leave

Effective May 1, 2021, pre-doctoral Killam scholars (Master’s and Doctoral) can apply for paid parental leave benefits.  These benefits are intended to support those students who do not have access to other paid parental leave supports through tri-agency research or scholarship funding.

A Killam Pre-doctoral scholarship may be interrupted for a period of up to 12 months for parental leave.

The benefit received includes a stipend of up to $1250/month for up to 12 months.  The stipend amount will be reduced by funding received from other sources (e.g. tri-agency scholarship or research grant parental leave benefits, or other funding sources).

Interruptions for this purpose must be taken within six months following the birth or adoption of the child.

Award holders may request a parental leave for every occasion of birth or adoption that occurs during the tenure of their award.

Multiple births or adoptions upon the same occasion (for example, twins or sibling adoptions) do not increase the duration or value of the leave.

The award holder must be the primary caregiver for the duration of the interruption.

If both parents hold Killam funding, they must share the paid leave for a cumulative maximum of 12 months.

Approval of paid parental leave is subject to the availability of Killam funds.

Eligibility criteria for the Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters’ Students

Awards are open to both Canadian and international students. As applicants must be eligible to receive scholarship support for at least two years, only master’s students who have yet to begin their program may apply

You must also apply for funding from relevant provincial, national and/or international agencies, such as NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, NSHRF, etc.

Application overview

Applications are conducted through the Harmonized Scholarship Process.

If offered an award, you must take it up in the earliest possible term.

Harmonized scholarship process deadline

Applications for the Dalhousie University Kilam Scholarships for Masters’ Students will be automatically directed to departmental judges as they are submitted. You may withdraw and re-submit your application any time until the deadline. Please note that your department may have an earlier internal deadline if it wishes to provide feedback prior to the final submission deadline. It is recommended that you check with your department to confirm their internal deadline in advance

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