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The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program for the year 2025 at George Washington University is offering full funding.

Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program for the year 2025 is open for application

The application deadline for the 2025 Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program is April 11, 2024. We invite submissions for individuals passionate about addressing health disparities and committed to advancing health equity. This transformative program aims to cultivate leaders who champion health equity and possess the necessary skills to enact meaningful change.

Program Details:

– The fellowship spans one year, providing comprehensive training and opportunities for professional growth.

– Fellows are required to participate in in-person convenings, totaling approximately five weeks throughout the year. These sessions, hosted in diverse locations worldwide, are intensive, full-time commitments held outside of regular office hours.

– Additionally, fellows engage in an online curriculum led by esteemed AFHE program faculty. These bi-weekly sessions, lasting 90 minutes each, serve as a platform for interactive learning and collaboration.

– Beyond structured sessions, fellows are expected to dedicate 12-16 hours per month to self-directed learning. This entails completing assigned readings, watching educational videos, and undertaking other relevant tasks.

– Assignments may revolve around individual projects, self-reflection exercises, or program evaluation activities, fostering a holistic approach to leadership development.

– Active participation in both in-person and online coursework is mandatory for successful program completion.

– Ideal applicants are early to mid-career professionals passionate about enhancing their leadership capacities and driving positive change in the realm of health equity. Candidates should currently hold leadership roles in health-related fields or demonstrate strong potential for leadership advancement.

Join us in our mission to build a more equitable healthcare landscape. Apply now to become an Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity and embark on a transformative journey towards impactful leadership in health equity advocacy.


Participants in the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program are not granted a stipend; however, they gain invaluable experiential learning opportunities. While engaging in the fellowship, individuals are encouraged to maintain their employment, enabling them to apply leadership principles acquired during the program to real-world scenarios. Moreover, all expenses associated with educational experiences and travel, including in-person meetings, are fully covered by the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder participation in this transformative initiative.

Application Requirements:

1. A concise statement, limited to 500 words, elucidating your motivation to become a fellow. This should include an exploration of your core strengths and distinctive personal and leadership attributes.

2. A comprehensive proposal outlining a health equity project that you aspire to undertake during your fellowship tenure.

3. Submission of your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume to provide a comprehensive overview of your academic and professional background.

4. Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your work and character, attesting to your suitability for the program.

5. Completion of an employer support form, endorsed by a direct supervisor who is willing to act as your advisor. This individual will play a pivotal role in nurturing your growth as you focus on effecting change leadership for health equity.


– January 2025: Program Launch and Commencement of Initial Meeting

– February – May 2025: First Semester Online Learning Sessions

– June 2025: Mid-Year Meeting for Progress Evaluation and Networking Opportunities

– July – October 2025: Second Semester Online Learning Sessions

– November 2025: Culminating Final Meeting to Reflect on Achievements and Future Endeavors

For Further Details:

For more in-depth information and to access resources regarding the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program, please visit the official program website. Here, you will find comprehensive insights into the program’s mission, application process, and impact, as well as avenues for direct engagement and inquiries. For more details

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