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Singapore International Pre Graduate Award (SIPGA 2024)

Singapore International Pre Graduate Award

Introduction the the Singapore International Pre Graduate Award

The Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) stands as a unique and enriching short-term research training initiative tailored specifically for international undergraduate and Master’s students aspiring to delve deeper into their fields of study. Over a span of two to six months, participants are afforded the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in rigorous research projects under the mentorship of globally acclaimed researchers affiliated with A*STAR’s esteemed Research Entities. This collaborative endeavor not only nurtures academic growth but also fosters cross-cultural exchange and innovation within the scientific community.

The program extends a generous grant of 2,000 Singaporean Dollars to each student, designed to defray living expenses and facilitate their seamless integration into the vibrant academic landscape of Singapore. Beyond financial support, SIPGA cultivates a nurturing environment wherein participants can cultivate invaluable skills, forge lasting connections, and refine their research acumen.

Encompassing a diverse array of disciplines, SIPGA caters to students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Computing and Information Science, Biomedical Science, Physical Science, as well as Engineering-related fields. Regardless of nationality, aspiring scholars are encouraged to seize this unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth. By transcending geographical boundaries and embracing a spirit of intellectual curiosity, SIPGA propels the next generation of researchers towards transformative discoveries and societal impact on a global scale.”

Singapore International Pre Graduate Award Projects

Research areas are available under SIPGA into four categories.

  • Biomedical Sciences (BMS)
  • Physical Sciences (PS)
  • Computing and Information Sciences (CIT)
  • Engineering and Technology (E&T)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all international students.
  • 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate and master’s students from overseas universities in STEM courses
  • Students with Good academic records.
  • Students must remain matriculated in their home university during the attachment period
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Strong interest in a research career

How to Apply for the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award

Kindly take note that the submission of your application must be completed a minimum of four months prior to the commencement of your designated project. Below, you’ll find the link to the official website, where you can access detailed information regarding the application process. The application process has five steps which are detailed below.

  • Step 1 entails downloading the comprehensive list of SIPGA projects, allowing you to carefully peruse and select the project that aligns best with your academic and research interests. This initial step sets the stage for your journey into the realm of innovative research and scholarly exploration.
  • Moving on to Step 2, it’s imperative to compile the requisite supporting documents to accompany your application. These include a copy of your passport, academic transcripts showcasing your scholastic achievements, as well as an updated resume or curriculum vitae delineating your academic and professional experiences.
  • Upon completion of the preparatory stages, proceed to Step 3, wherein you’ll formally submit your application. Notably, applicants have the flexibility to apply for up to three projects, affording them the opportunity to explore diverse avenues of research and broaden their academic horizons.
  • Step 4 marks the commencement of the online interview phase, wherein selected candidates will engage in insightful discussions pertaining to their research aspirations, academic background, and suitability for the chosen project. This interactive exchange serves as a pivotal juncture in the selection process, enabling evaluators to gauge the potential of each applicant and assess their compatibility with the research endeavor.
  • Finally, in Step 5, successful applicants will receive notification within a span of two months from the date of their interview. This pivotal moment heralds the beginning of an enriching and transformative journey, wherein chosen scholars will embark on a path of academic excellence and collaborative discovery.

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