Sydney International Undergraduate Scholarship

Sydney International Undergraduate Scholarship: Apply Now!

Sydney International Undergraduate Scholarship

About the Sydney International Undergraduate Scholarship

The University of Sydney in Australia is accepting applications for the Sydney International Undergraduate Scholarship for the year. This program is specifically designed to cover the tuition fees and associated costs of student services and amenities for the full four years of your undergraduate education. 

The program is also designed to provide opportunities for personal and professional development. It provides access to a range of academic and social activities, as well as networking events and mentorship opportunities.

The Sydney International Undergraduate Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for international students who are looking to pursue their undergraduate studies in Australia. It provides comprehensive financial support and opportunities for personal and professional development. 

The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance to outstanding foreign students from various priority markets who are enrolled in a range of undergraduate courses at the University of Sydney.

Between the two intakes, about 20 scholarships will be given out annually worldwide, with an emphasis on course and nationality diversity. The scholarship provides many benefits, including a complete tuition fee waiver, as well as other allowances and benefits. These benefits are provided to ensure that you are able to focus on your studies and academic performance without worrying about financial constraints.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Sydney International Scholarship, you must:

  • have applied for and not yet started a single undergraduate coursework degree at the University of Sydney, with a maximum duration of four years (which may include embedded honors).
  • This scholarship will only be awarded to applicants who submit applications for approved courses.
  • required to enroll full-time in their eligible degree program.
  • would not be attending the University of Sydney to start a second degree.
  • meet the requirements of the Higher Education Support Act of 2003 for being an international student. Ineligible individuals include dual citizens who hold Australian nationality, Australian citizens, and Australian permanent residents.
  • must be an Australian secondary school graduate or have completed a foundation program from an Australian foundation partner approved by the University of Sydney.
  • must not have completed any post-secondary education in the past, with the exception of extension courses taken as part of a year 12 program.


For the published full-time duration of the recipient’s single undergraduate degree (including embedded honors), up to a maximum total duration of four years of full-time study, the scholarship will provide the benefits listed below.

  • 100% tuition fees, and
  • Student Services Amenities Fee.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, you need to submit an application form and supporting documentation by the specified deadline. The application process is competitive, and you will be evaluated based on your academic performance, leadership potential, and extracurricular activities. 

To apply for the Sydney International Undergraduate program, follow the instructions below;

  • Click on the button below to visit the university webpage.
  • Apply for an undergraduate program at the university.
  • Submit your application.
  • Only successful applicants will be contacted after applying for the application. 
  • The indicative turnaround time to receive a scholarship offer is 5 weeks from when you apply for it.

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