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Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships 2024 For Teacher Training Students

scholarships 2024

Introduction to the Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships 2024

Applications are now open for the MEXT Scholarships 2024 program in Japan from October 2024 to March 2025. The Japanese government will provide scholarships for teachers training students in the academic year beginning in October 2024.

The Government of Japan is offering scholarships for primary and secondary school teachers who are interested in taking teacher training courses and Japanese language training in Japan. The MEXT Scholarships 2024 program is aimed at providing the opportunity for teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge in the fields of education and language so that they can impart those lessons to their students back home. The MEXT scholarships 2024 covers tuition fees, accommodation, and airfare expenses. It’s a great opportunity for educators who wish to broaden their horizons and gain valuable international experience.

The MEXT scholarships 2024 are open to graduates of universities and teacher training colleges at least thirty-four (34) years of age who have worked as teachers at primary or secondary schools or teacher training colleges for at least five years in their home countries at the time of application. Beneficiaries shall help promote Japanese language education in their home country upon their return.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Nationality: Applicants must have the nationality of a country that has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. An applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application is not eligible. However, persons with dual nationality who hold Japanese nationality and whose place of residence at the time of application is outside of Japan are eligible to apply as long as they give up their Japanese nationality and choose the nationality of the foreign country by the date of their arrival in Japan. Applicant screening will be conducted at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate (hereinafter referred to as the “Japanese diplomatic mission) in the country of the applicant’s nationality.
  2. Age: Applicants, in principle, must be born on or after April 2, 1990.
  3. Academic and Career Background: Applicants must be graduates of universities or teacher training schools and have worked as teachers at primary or secondary educational institutions or teacher training schools (excluding universities) in their home countries for five years in total as of April 1, 2022. In-service university faculty members are not eligible.
  4. Japanese Language Ability: Applicants must be keen to learn Japanese. Applicants must be interested in Japan and be keen to deepen their understanding of Japan after arriving in Japan. Applicants must also have the ability to do research and adapt to living in Japan.
  5. Health: Applicants must be judged to be medically adequate to pursue study in Japan by an examining physician on a prescribed certificate of health.
  6. Arrival in Japan: Applicants must be able to arrive in Japan by the designated period (usually October) between the day two weeks before the course starts and the first day of the course. If the applicant arrives in Japan before this period for personal reasons, travel expenses to Japan will not be paid. (Excluding cases of unavoidable circumstances, if the applicant cannot arrive in Japan by the end of the designated period, the applicant must withdraw the offer.)
  7. Visa acquisition: applicants should, in principle, acquire “student” visas before entering Japan and enter Japan with “student” residence status. The visas should be issued at the Japanese diplomatic missions located in the country of the applicant’s nationality. Those who change their visa status to one other than “student” after arrival in Japan will lose their qualification to be Japanese Government Scholarship recipients from the date when their visa status changes.
  8. Applicants must return to their home country and resume their work immediately after the end of the scholarship period.

Benefits of the MEXT Scholarships 2024

  • Allowance:143,000 yen per month. (In case the recipient researches in a designated region, 2,000 or 3,000 yen per month will be added. The monetary amount each year may be subject to change due to budgetary reasons.)
  • Transportation to Japan: The recipient will be provided with an economy-class aeroplane ticket, according to his/her itinerary and route as designated by MEXT, from the international airport nearest to his/her home country residence, where in principle is in the country of nationality, to the Narita International Airport or any other international airport that the appointed university usually uses when they enter to Japan.
  • Expenses such as inland transportation from his/her home address to the international airport, airport tax, airport usage fees, special taxes on travel, or inland transportation within Japan including a connecting flight will NOT be covered. (*Although the address in the home country stated in the application form is in principle regarded as the recipient’s “home country residence,” if it is changed at the time of leaving from his/her home country the changed address will be regarded as “home country residence.”)
  • Transportation from Japan: The recipient who returns to his/her home country within the fixed period after the expiration of his/her scholarship will be provided, upon application, with an economy-class aeroplane ticket for travel from the Narita International Airport or any other international airport that the appointed university usually uses to the international airport nearest to his/her home address, wherein principle is in the country of nationality.
    • (Note 1) Any aviation and accident insurance to and from Japan shall be borne by the recipient.
    • (Note 2) Should the recipient not return to his/her home country soon after the end of the scholarship period to resume his/her duties, the transportation fee for the return to the home country will not be provided.
  • Tuition and Other Fees: Fees for the entrance examination, matriculation and tuition at universities will be paid by the Japanese Government.

Duration of the MEXT Scholarships 2024

The term mentioned in this context refers to the time duration required to successfully complete the training course offered by each university. For the purpose of this discussion, it is important to note that the term must fall between the months of October 2023 (or the starting month of the course, whichever is earlier) and March 2025. It is mandatory to adhere to this timeline, and extensions or modifications to the term are not permitted under any circumstances.

How to Apply for the MEXT Scholarships 2024

Applicants must submit all required documents to the Japanese diplomatic mission in the applicant’s country. Note that the submitted documents will not be returned. Ready to apply? Click the link below to apply.

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