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Latest Jobs in Nigeria.

Would you rather know how to find latest jobs in Nigeria than having all the latest jobs at your door step at all time.

There can’t be jobs waiting for you to take anytime you wake and feel like having a job, so knowing how to find latest jobs in Nigeria is preferred to having all the latest jobs in Nigeria at your door step at all time.

The reason is that the latter is impossible, that is it can never happen. So chosen would mean you have chosen an empty box. So read through and understand how to always find the latest jobs in Nigeria should you want to change your job any time for better paying one or for the sake of relocating with your spouse, or for more incentives or just for good working environment for less pay. There is enough of peace of mind and happiness in the doing the job.

There are latest jobs in Nigeria that you can find in different places. Knowing these places to find latest jobs is a first step in the right direction.

The popular places are saturated and just as you do know these popular places, everyone else does hence the jobs in these places may not be enough for the job seekers who have crowded the platforms. However, there is a smarter way to find jobs before everyone else in these platforms does.

That same places, job seekers are getting successful in their job search while you in particular are still

We are going to reveal to you some unsaturated platforms that you can easily find latest jobs in Nigeria and how to stay ahead of other job seekers and find latest jobs on the saturated platforms.

Before we proceed, lets first treat a very important aspect of job search because you may be the first to get the job, you may be the first to send application but if you don’t clean, well placed professional CV all your applications may return negative.

What happens when you send your CV and cover letter for job applications.

Recruiter has nothing less than 80 applications to review. Most of the times close to 5 thousands applications are received each time a job is advertised

The recruiter picks 10 to 20 best best arranged CVs. He or she has limited time, even you can’t read all the cover letters and CVs if you were to be the recruiter. You will surely pick few clear, well arranged CVs and cover letters attached

Best arranged CVs not best CV. There is nothing like best CV in job hunting but there are best arranged CVs. We call it professional CVs

Best arranged CVs are those CVs that even a child can pick the relevant information at a distance look, just in a seconds. That the recruiter doesn’t need to west time studying the CV to know where important information are.

If your CV is not clear, you have been left behind when clear few CVs are picked out. Even you the most qualified for the job, you have been long pushed away.

The recruiter invites the job seekers whose CVs and cover letters he or she was able to read because of their clarifies, for interview.

That is why you have been jobless. Not because you are not qualified, not because any witch care about you in your village.

Check here if you want to get well prepare for a job search.

Popular job platforms in Nigeria and how to stay ahead of other job seekers to find job


Right now in Nigeria, LinkedIn is the most popular job platform. It is generally a career platform where jobs are shared on second basis, professionals networking, opinion shared, polls conducted and a lot of other professional and career stuff happening on LinkedIn.

It’s the biggest platform you can find a lot of jobs in Nigeria. Other job platforms leverages LinkedIn for hiring, and more.

You have to monitor pages of some big and smaller organizations on the platforms by following them and always checking when they are recruiting

These companies do not need external recruiters to hire staff, a department in the company hire staff for the company. So follow this companies and know when they are recruiting.

When you see that any of these companies are hiring, check to see the post and Message him or her as follows;

Hello Jenifer Ine (put the name of the person not the name written here)

I hope you are doing well.

I saw that you are recruiting for the position of Branch manager for your company, Aidi Nigeria Ltd. I sent my application for the position few minutes ago

I am reaching out to you because, I have qualification and experience best suited for the position, if you have a limited to conclude your recruitment and may not be able to go through the many applications, I have attached my resume to this massage for your consideration.

Thanks, my utmost regards

Jokim ESE


Individuals and organizations use Jobbberman to recruit employees. This platform is a popular job site to leverage to find latest jobs in Nigeria and all you need to is to create a profile fill your profile to 100 percent completion.

You can always use the filter feature of the site to find latest jobs that are in your career field and also to to narrow down to the posting dates, from the newest to the oldest jobs posted by the company and third party employers.


You must have by now explored indeed, indeed offers a lot to both recruiters and job seekers for free. The platforms is very easy to navigate, features are familiar. You are not definitely going to find difficult make good use of indeed


This platform has feature similar to jobberman, you will very familiar experience navigating the site.


Glass door is simple, though not much into Nigeria job market, you can still find latest Nigeria jobs in the platform.


You may be wondering how is it possible finding jobs on Facebook if you have not used Facebook job features. One of the biggest and seamless job platforms is that of Facebook. Use Facebook to find latest jobs in Nigeria if you have not tried it. It works so perfectly.

Unsaturated job platforms to finds jobs easily in Nigeria

Nothing much is going to be said about these platforms until you have tried it yourself. However, they are effective job platforms that you can get latest Nigeria jobs more easily and quickly than all others.





There are truly hundreds of other job sites that you can find jobs, we however, not sure how effectiveness of those other job sites. But as you seek jobs, you can give it a try and for yourself if you can find job in anyone not those.

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