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NGO jobs in Nigeria

If you have been looking to find NGO jobs in Nigeria, this piece will reveal everything to you, from the number of NGOs in Nigeria, jobs in NGOs, how to application and succeed in your application

Are there Non Governmental Organization ( NGO) Jobs in Nigeria? The answer is yes there are so many NGO jobs in Nigeria. And how to find them is contained in this.

Working with NGOs has a lot of advantage, apart from the encouraging payment as salaries and other allowances, you have some other benefits.

There are more than four thousand (4000) NGOs in Nigeria. Supposing these four thousand are hiring for 10 positions each. Do your calculation to see you self the number of NGO jobs in Nigeria. We have list some of the NGOs here to check whether they are hiring, if they are hiring then go ahead to apply

Some Non Governmental Organization may not pay depending on their structures and the size of the NGOs, how they records would show on your CV that you have at one time or the other volunteered for humanitarian services. Such record can make ways for you in some career parts.

Here are some list of NGOs in Nigeria that may be hiring.

Environmental Tourism Support Initiative (ETSI)

Youth Future Initiative (YFI)

Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND)

Center for Youth Development (CYD)

HIV Support Group (HIVSG)

HIV&AIDS Concern Group (HIV&AIDS CG)

Forum on Governance and Democratization (FGD).

Earth Rights Environmental Network Initiative (ERENI)

Environment Rights Mandate (ERM)

Development Policy Centre (DPC)

Kashim Ibrahim Foundation (KIF)

Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF)

Generation 2 Educational and Childcare Support (GECS)

Girls Education Mission International (GEMI)

Human Rights and Empowerment Project (HREP)

Grassroots Agricultural Farm Union (GAFU)

Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD)

Empowerment and Action Research Centre (EARC)

Jeyam Women Trust (JWT)

Creative Youth Development

and over 4,000 others not mentioned here

There is a World Association of Non Governmental Organization, you can search their site to see more NGOs and their structures.

You can also search on Corporate Affairs Commission for more NGOs. Understand their structures and if they are recruiting you are free to send applications

Every Non governmental Organization operating in Nigeria must be registered in Nigeria with the CAC.

There are other type of NGOs that can hiring Nigerians but maybe not need to register on Nigeria because they are not based Nigeria but their humanitarian activities extend to Nigeria, they recruit Nigerians to do jobs for them here in Nigeria. You can apply for such NGO jobs in Nigeria. They are so many of them.

How to find jobs in Non Governmental Organizations

This should be easy to find. One thing you must work on really to guarantee you a job in NGO is your motivation letter

In your motivation letter you will sate your interest, reason you want to work with that particular NGO. Your motivational letter is in another words your cover Letter.

First step is to find out if any one of these NGOs close to you, may in your state of residence or close by state is hiring

Check which positions are they recruiting to fill

Check the requirement that they state in the job description.

Check if you meet the requirements for application

Check the deadline for application; whether the deadline for application has expired. If application deadline has passed, your application may not be processed

If everything is in order, then go ahead and send your application.

Other methods you can use to get NGO jobs in Nigeria are as follows:

Through recommendation
Through direct offer
Through referral
Through job hunting technic

Through recommendation

If you know anyone who has worked in the Organization you willing to in, ask the person to recommend you for employment. This works better if such a person has left a very good record for him or herself in the Organization.

With recommendation from such person with a good record in organization, you may not be requested to attend interviews. The chance of you been employed becomes really high.

Through direct offer

You may directly be offered a job in an NGO as a result of your previous humanitarian work in another non governmental organization. Through your work, you may have been noticed, bigger NGO may decide to offer you a better career opportunity in the Organization.

The choice is yours to look into and accept or reject the offer. Direct offer like this come with a lot of benefits, pay and allowance. You may be sponsored to migrate to another country to do the job you are employed to do.

Through referral

You may be referred by your current employer to an NGO for a better career opportunity. If you have a good relationship with your current employer you can request for referral. This is a better way to get a job in an NGO. This works most of the times.

The only condition is that you must have been in a good relationship with your current employer for him or her to be willing to refer you to your desire NGO for a job. The referral letter will outline your value and how that would impact the Organization.

Through job hunting technic.

This works perfectly if you follow up. Here you can visit those NGOs close to you and submit your your CVs and your cover letters with the human resources departments or with the secretary.

To make this work, you are required to follow up. Collect the phone number of the person in human resources department or the phone number of the secretary. Keep in touch with the person to know when there is vacancy. The person can help submit the application and push it through.

You can as well visit the organization time time if you have the time. Making only submission of your CV and not following up may not give you a good result.

There are so many NGO jobs in Nigeria, and there are so many NGOs in Nigeria. So if you are searching for career opportunity in non governmental organization, there are a lot of them. It takes determination and smart search to get success in your search

How to find jobs in Nigeria

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