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Apply for the University of Hong Kong 2022 Scholarship

University of Hong Kong has open application for this year’s annual scholarship programme for postgraduate students who are desirous of studding in the Asia great city under the Hong Kong education system.

The University of Hong Kong is a public University majoring in public research and the university was established in the year 1911. It was first established in the year the previous years but then was known as Hong Kong College of Medicine.

University of Hong Kong is one of the oldest Universities in China and the oldest in Hong Kong in particular, one of the top ranked University in Asia and the world at large.

University of Hong Kong in 2020 was ranked 3rth best University in Asia and as one of the top rated worldwide, it was ranked top 22 University globally. It is a dream education institution to study in under scholarship.

The University of Hong Kong scholarship is open to students of any country in the world who would want to undergo studies in the China’s biggest city

The Hong Kong University Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship. Successful scholars under this scholarship programme will enjoy full tuition free studies and the scholarship covers all other expenses; healthcare, accommodation, allowances for transportation and feedings.

The University of Hong Kong Scholarship programme is a great opportunity for foreign students that have nursed the dreams of studying at any highly rated University in the world. This university of Hong Kong is situated at the heart of the city of Hong Kong where students stand to enjoy good environment, good healthcare, transportation and great food.

Application method

To apply for the University of Hong Kong applicants will follow these two steps to complete their scholarship application. Requirements for application and duration of application is state here below

The first step;

Interested eligible applicants are to first make an initial application online through the Hong Kong postgraduate’s fellowship scheme electronic system to obtain a Reference key. After that applicants can go ahead to send a proper application for the scholarship with all relevant information provided

Applicants can then submit applications for postgraduate admission to their desired universities listed below which are under the scholarship scheme

Applicants can choose up to two programmes or two departments at one or two universities for his or her postgraduate studies under the scholarship programme. Applicants must adhere to the admission requirements of their selected universities and programmes in order to be successful.  Admission requirements of these universities differs

Also note that there different deadlines for applications to different universities, it advisable that you check these universities to ascertain their deadlines for admission. Applicants should submit initial applications as early as possible to ensure that they have sufficient time to submit applications to their desired universities.

Second step

Submitting Full Applications to Proposed Universities

Applicants after completing an initial application should submit full applications for their selected postgraduate programmes to their desired universities referencing their reference keys earlier created before the universities’ admission deadlines.

As regards programme information, requirements for postgraduate admission, application methods, regulations and policy of individual universities, please refer to individual universities and their postgraduate programmes for information.

Applicants who failed to proceed with the second steps of application would not be considered for scholarship.  Applicants are therefore encouraged that after the first step of application should proceed to take the second step to complete the application.

Successfully applicants would be contacted with the contact information supplied during the application. Applicants are advised to supply correct means of contacts while applying for the scholarship opportunity.

The following listed universities are to be applied to in your second application. Students applying for the scholarship are advised to follow through and read courses offered in their chosen university and other requirements that the students are required to meet by the University

The University are:

The following below are the list of universities that interested applicants would should chose for admission and studies. These universities are under the Hong Kong university scholarship and they are all located at the china’s largest and beautiful city of Kong Kong

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University

Lingnan University

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Education University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The University of Hong Kong


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