Global Good Fund Fellowship 2025 For Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Global Good Fund Fellowship 2025 For Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Global Good Fund Fellowship 2025 For Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders

About the Global Good Fund Fellowship 2025

The Global Good Fund Fellowship 2025 is currently accepting applications for innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. The fellowship aims to support individuals who are working tirelessly to address some of the most critical social issues facing our planet. The application process is rigorous and competitive, but it is also designed to be inclusive, constructive, and engaging. If you are passionate about driving meaningful change and have a vision for making a difference, we encourage you to start your application for the 2025 Fellowship today!

Eligibility Criteria

Leaders of social impact companies, both for-profit and nonprofit, who are innovators and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for the Global Good Fund Fellowship. Participants in this program should be up-and-coming leaders and business owners from a variety of racial, religious, socioeconomic, and gender backgrounds. The best entrepreneurs are committed to their own personal growth and development and have a full-time leadership role at their social enterprise, which should have been going for two to five years.

The enterprise the candidate leads has been in operation for a minimum of two years and the enterprise employs a minimum of two full-time, paid employees. The candidate’s role must also be that of a primary decision-maker, i.e. the role you hold is:

  • C-Suite (CEO, COO, CTO, CFO etc.)
  • Co-Founder/ Founder & C-Suite
  • Executive Director

Additionally, the candidate must devote their entire time to managing the business, and it must be mission-driven, with the primary goal being to improve society rather than just turn a profit. 

The candidate’s leadership of the enterprise can be within a for-profit, non-profit, or hybrid organization. The enterprise may operate on an international, domestic, or both levels. It should have a well-developed business model that positions it for long-term scalability or be able to provide compelling evidence of high potential for growth. The enterprise’s focus should encompass sectors such as Financial Inclusion, Environment, Education, Economic Mobility, and Health. 

However, we are open to considering applicants outside of these areas if they have the potential for significant social impact and systemic change. Additionally, candidates should not be currently receiving formal coaching or mentoring support. If they are applying for other fellowships within the same fellowship cycle, they should indicate this in their application.

Selection Criteria

Leaders who are scaling their businesses and trying to grow as leaders in line with the demands of their company will be given preference. A growth mindset, a desire to be coached, and an enthusiasm for individualized mentorship are qualities that leaders should possess to propel their teams and businesses to success. The best applicants will be those who can devote themselves entirely to Global Food and our 12-month hybrid program.

How to Apply

Phase I: Preliminary Questionnaire

May – June

  • A set of brief questions designed to evaluate the applicant’s compliance with our Fellowship requirements
  • The estimated completion time is thirty minutes.  

Phase II: Comprehensive Application

July – August

  • A mandatory video submission in which you talk about yourself is required.
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • Template for financial viability 
  • Questions with brief answers about these subjects:
    • Impact measurement
    • What does your business do and what distinguishes it from others?
    • Possessing the ability to lead and be coached
  • The completion time is about one to two hours. 

Phase III: Interview

October – November

  • A 30-minute video interview
  •  Candidates are required to invite 1 colleague and/or community member that can attest to their work to their interview

Please bear in mind that the deadline for applications is June 30, 2024.

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