20240302 132455 0000 - BOW SEAT 2024 Ocean Awareness Student Contest for students worldwide offers a $1,500 cash prize.

BOW SEAT 2024 Ocean Awareness Student Contest for students worldwide offers a $1,500 cash prize.

The 2024 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest invites applications

The 2024 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest invites applications, urging participants to become climate witnesses by sharing their unique climate stories.

Themed “Tell Your Climate Story,” the contest encourages creative expression of personal experiences, insights, or perceptions regarding the changing climate reality.

Participants are tasked with exploring how the climate crisis affects their families and communities

while examining their individual responses to this evolving global challenge. Through this opportunity, applicants not only contribute to raising awareness about the climate crisis but also deepen their understanding of its impacts and their role in addressing it.

By fostering creativity and personal reflection, the contest empowers young voices to inspire action and advocate for positive change in the face of environmental challenges. Whether through art, writing, or multimedia presentations, participants have the platform to convey the urgency of climate action and the importance of collective efforts in safeguarding our planet’s future. Apply now to share your climate story and contribute to the dialogue on climate resilience and sustainability.


The Ocean Awareness Contest extends its invitation to students aged 11-18 globally. Participants are categorized into two divisions: Junior (ages 11-14) and Senior (ages 15-18), depending on their age at the time of entry.

Whether as individuals or groups, students can engage in the contest, with flexibility in group size, allowing participation as a club, class, or any other formation.

Each participant must designate an Adult Sponsor, such as a teacher, parent, or mentor, providing their contact details. Notably, individuals who have commenced their college or university studies are ineligible for contest participation. This competition serves as a platform for young minds worldwide to delve into ocean-related issues, fostering awareness and solutions through creative expression and collaboration.


Gain knowledge about climate change and its profound impact on our planet through exploring Bow Seat’s Resource Studio. Delve into the myriad issues surrounding climate change and its relationship to our changing world. Discover how artists and organizations are actively working to protect our blue planet, and find ways in which you can contribute to these efforts.

Develop essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and environmental advocacy. Utilize your artistic talents to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues. Whether you prefer painting, sculpting, photography, or any other medium, use your art to make a difference. Expand your portfolio and enhance your resume by earning a participation certificate in Bow Seat’s initiatives.Gain global exposure by showcasing your artwork through various platforms such as art exhibitions, publications, social media campaigns, and scholarships. Bow Seat is committed to amplifying diverse youth voices to foster dialogue and engagement in environmental conservation and advocacy.

Become part of Bow Seat’s extensive global community, which consists of over 30,000 young individuals passionate about ocean conservation, environmental justice, and climate action.

Contribute to the world’s largest youth environmental arts collection and be eligible for unique opportunities, including participation in the Future Blue Youth Council.

Previous program participants often transition into roles as Bow Seat interns and contest judges, furthering their engagement and impact in environmental activism.

Earn cash prizes

Earn cash prizes of up to $1,000!Submission


Submissions are accepted in:

Visual Art: Handcrafted

Visual Art: Digital- Poetry & Spoken Word- Creative Writing


Performing Arts: Music & Dance- Interactive & Multimedia

Application Deadline: JUNE 10, 2024

For More Information

Visit the Official Webpage of the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest.


2024 Funding: The Doug Pensinger Photography Fund 2024

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