images 14 - University of Dundee Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024: Apply Now!

University of Dundee Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024: Apply Now!

University of Dundee Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024

Introduction to the University Of Dundee Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024

The University of Dundee is pleased to announce that applications for the Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024 are now open. This scholarship is designed for African students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the university for the academic session of 2024–2025. The scholarship is worth £20,000 and will be paid over four years to successful applicants. 

The scholarship covers living costs for all its recipients and will be paid in monthly instalments to a UK bank account. This means that students who are awarded this scholarship will be able to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints. The scholarship is open to eligible and outstanding candidates who meet the requirements.

Prospective applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are strongly advised to initiate their application process promptly. The application procedure is user-friendly and conveniently conducted online, ensuring accessibility for all candidates. During the application process, applicants will be prompted to submit various supporting documents, including but not limited to academic transcripts and letters of recommendation, to strengthen their candidacy.

This opportunity holds significant promise for African students aspiring to pursue higher education at a distinguished institution while concurrently benefiting from financial assistance. By availing themselves of this opportunity, eligible candidates can access invaluable support to realize their academic ambitions and advance their career prospects.

Benefits the University Of Dundee Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024

It is worth noting that, apart from the prestige of being awarded a scholarship, there is also a significant financial benefit that comes with it. Specifically, the scholarship amounts to £20,000, which can be a huge help in financing your academic program. The scholarship will be disbursed in instalments over the course of your academic program, with each instalment being paid per year as needed. This means that you can expect to receive financial support from the scholarship each year until you complete your academic program.

Eligibility Criteria 

The following prerequisites must also be fulfilled by interested applicants: 

  • You need to submit an application to the University of Dundee for January 2025 and be accepted as a full-time, on-campus student.
  • The University of Dundee will determine your International Fee Status, which will be communicated in your offer letter.
  • You must be living in one of the African countries indicated on the list of countries below at the moment.
  • Applicants from International College Dundee are eligible to apply for this scholarship during their first year of study toward a major degree at the University of Dundee. 

How to Apply for the Dundee Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024

To begin, interested students should navigate to the official scholarship webpage of the University of Dundee. From there, international students can explore the various programs offered by the university and select one that aligns with their academic and career goals. It’s important to note that applicants do not need to submit a separate application for the scholarship itself. Instead, the University Admissions team will automatically review the personal information provided during the application process to determine eligibility for the Vice Chancellor Scholarship. The deadline for submitting applications for the University of Dundee Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2024 is December 13, 2024.

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