University of Copenhagen Scholarships for International Students

University of Copenhagen Scholarships for International Students- Fully Funded

The Institution of Copenhagen is the oldest university in the nation as well as one of the first in all of Northern Europe. Around 1000 students from its four faculties—theology, medicine, law, and philosophy—began receiving higher education services from it. It has had significant growth throughout the course of its lengthy existence, ranking among the top research institutions globally. Nine Nobel prize winners and other renowned academics made their dwellings at the University of Copenhagen.

More than 37,000 students attend the institution, and it employs more than 9,400 people, of whom 50% are researchers. Over 200 research centres, 36 departments, and six faculties are spread throughout its four sites in Taastrup and Copenhagen. The crucial admissions details and University of Copenhagen scholarships for overseas students will be addressed in this article.


In addition, International students are guaranteed to reside away from home thanks to the amenities provided by the University of Copenhagen. In addition to offering a variety of study rooms, on-campus amenities also provide students with the chance to loosen up in quiet rooms with free Wi-Fi and in outdoor areas where they may connect with other people as well as other students.

Tuition Fee for International Students

Both local students and international students from the European Union or the European Economic Area are not required to pay tuition at the University of Copenhagen, considering that you are an international student from a nation outside the EU or EEA who wants to enrol in a bachelor’s degree. In such a scenario, after receiving an admissions offer, you will learn more about tuition and expenses. To find out the tuition prices and payment instructions for your chosen program, you may also contact the relevant faculties. The tuition costs vary depending on the program chosen by international students from outside the EU or EEA who wish to begin their graduate studies at the University of Copenhagen. Although, it could also cost from $11,900 to $20,200 per academic year.

Step-by-Step Guide on the Application Process for the University of Copenhagen Scholarships

The qualities of the applicant may affect the admissions procedure for overseas students pursuing bachelor’s degrees at the University of Copenhagen.

Get more information on the application process at your fingertips

Likewise, depending on the topic of study, there may be special prerequisites for admission to graduate programs. However, the majority of graduate schools offer an online application portal where prospective overseas students may complete their admissions process. Visit this link to learn more about the application process before you begin.

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Application Fee

The application fee for graduate studies at the University of Copenhagen is $120, while undergraduate programs do not charge any application fee.

Application Criteria for International Students

  • Danish is the only eligible language at the University of Copenhagen. Therefore, overseas candidates must demonstrate their Danish language proficiency and present the required documentation.
  • A 6.0 equivalent GPA is also a criterion for overseas candidates. This is for undergraduate programs in addition to meeting the standard academic criteria. Additionally, the institution has strict entrance criteria for its bachelor’s degrees.
  • Due to the university’s availability of graduate programs taught in English, international candidates must further satisfy unique language requirements.  This is based on their degree program.
  • Candidates can demonstrate their ability in the English language by submitting their TOEFL or IELTS exam results as evidence. Candidates are also excluded from the Danish language requirements for the programs offered in English.
  • Additionally, international graduate applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in Denmark.
  • Additionally, candidates must have completed the prerequisite Bachelor’s degree for the Master’s program they have chosen. Other requirements for graduate study vary by school. This may include particular courses taken, GPA, national admission exams, and language tests.

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University of Copenhagen Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

 Free Tuition for Students from Certain Countries

For more information, Visit the Scholarship Website

Funding: Fully Funded


All accepted foreign students from the European Union, European Economic Area, and Scandinavian nations do not have to pay tuition, in addition to local students. In the meanwhile, foreign students from outside the EU or EEA or from non-Scandinavian nations may petition for exemption from paying tuition fees if they have a permit allowing them to live permanently in Denmark or at least a permit allowing them to do so.

Graduate Scholarship

Danish Government Scholarships

For more information, Visit the Scholarship Website.

Funding: Fully Funded

All foreign students who are residents of nations other than the EU, EEA, or Switzerland are given consideration by the institution for Danish Government Scholarships. Additionally, in order to pursue higher education in Denmark, qualifying students must have been granted a time-limited residency visa as well as an offer to enrol in a Master’s degree at the University of Copenhagen.

In addition, several university faculties have requirements that must be met in order for candidates to be eligible for this University of Copenhagen scholarship. Academic standing is taken into consideration when choosing recipients, with awards for excellent students covering both tuition and living costs.






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