United Nations International Law Fellowship 2024 (Fully Funded)


Introduction to the United Nations International Law Fellowship 2024

The United Nations International Law Fellowship is an exceptional program that provides an opportunity for legal professionals to enhance their understanding of international law. The program is hosted at the prestigious Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands, and runs for a duration of three weeks. During this period, participants will have the opportunity to attend interactive seminars and lectures conducted by renowned legal experts in the field of international law.

You should know that the United Nations International Law Fellowship Program is organized by the Codification Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, which has a reputation for providing exceptional educational opportunities. The upcoming fellowship will run from July 1 to August 2, 2024, in the Hague, the Netherlands.

The best part about this program is that it is fully funded by the UN, meaning that all expenses are covered. Participants will receive funding for their travel costs, accommodation, medical insurance, stipend, and even the fee to participate in the fellowship. This makes it an excellent opportunity for legal professionals from developing countries and countries with emerging economies who may not have the financial resources to pursue such a program.

In total, 20 participants will be selected to join the program. This number is limited to ensure that each participant receives personalized attention and guidance throughout the program. As such, participants can expect to gain valuable insights into the workings of international law as well as network with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Topics of the Fellowship

The topics that will be covered in the seminars and lectures organized by the Codification Division may include:

  • Introduction to International Law
  • Treaty law
  • International responsibility
  • International peace and security
  • Peaceful settlement of international disputes
  • Diplomatic and consular law
  • International human rights law
  • International humanitarian law
  • International criminal law
  • International environmental law
  • law of the sea
  • International trade law
  • International investment law

Benefits of the Fellowship

  • Airfare Tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Fellowship Fee
  • Stipend to cover other living expenses


To be eligible for this program, it is essential that you have a strong educational and professional background in law, particularly in the field of international law. You should be able to demonstrate your experience in this area through your academic qualifications, work experience, or both.

Moreover, you should be able to commit to attending the entire program, as it is a comprehensive course that requires your full attention and participation. This means that you should have the necessary time and resources to complete the program without any major interruptions.

The program will be conducted in English, so it is crucial that you have excellent fluency in both spoken and written English. You should be able to communicate effectively in English, both in a professional and academic setting.

If English is not your mother tongue, you will need to prove your language proficiency through other means, such as a diploma or courses conducted in English, a language test certificate, or extensive work experience in English. This is to ensure that you can fully participate in the program and benefit from its content without facing any language barriers.

How to Apply

The applications should be sent via email. For more details on the application process, kindly click on the link below to access the fellowship’s official website. Please note that the deadline for applications is March 22, 2024. So, hurry now and submit that application.

Candidates also apply to:

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