New Remote Jobs – Work From Anywhere: Junior Backend Developer Needed at Hackcity Tech

junior backend developer

Hackcity Tech is seeking a junior backend developer in Nigeria to Develop and enhance backend products and features.

This article gives an overview of the company and its ethics, the job details, requirements and method of application. Let’s begin with the company overview.

About Hackcity Tech

Hackcity Tech is an EduTech and Tech Consulting company committed to the development and the use of technological solutions in daily life, especially when they meet the needs of their customers.

Their tech education is designed to produce creative tech enthusiasts who will eventually rule the world of technology. They are currently recruiting to fill the position of Junior backend developer.

Sounds good? Then let us explore the junior backened developer job details.

Junior Backend Developer Job Details

Job Title: 

Junior Backend Developer



Employment Type: 


Job Responsibilities
  • Develop and enhance backend products and features: The successful candidate will be expected to work closely with the development team to design, develop, and maintain backend services. They will also be responsible for developing tests and ensuring the quality of the code. They will also collaborate with other teams to ensure the best user experience.
  • Implement software applications, leveraging JavaScript, Node.js, and the Express framework with an understanding of backend architecture and design patterns. They will be responsible for understanding customer requirements, creating well-designed software solutions, and ensuring that the code is thoroughly tested so that it meets the customer’s needs. They will also need to collaborate with other teams to ensure that the user experience is optimized and that any changes to the code are implemented seamlessly into the application.
  • Collaborate closely with the Product teams to ensure seamless product releases and drive quality assurance initiatives. They will ensure that the code meets the requirements and standards of the product by conducting testing and debugging, as well as creating automated tests to ensure the quality and performance of the software. Additionally, they will work with other teams to implement the best user experience and design the backend architecture to ensure secure and efficient delivery of the product.
  • Integrate RESTful APIs, work with version control systems like Git, and address cross-browser compatibility challenges. They will use their technical knowledge and understanding of software development best practices to create high-quality, secure, and reliable software. They will also use their communication and collaboration skills to ensure that all team members are on the same page and working together towards a common goal.
  • Apply software engineering best practices, focusing on security, scalability, and maintainability. By working with other teams, they can gain insights into how the user interacts with the software application. This can help them identify any potential issues and make improvements to the user interface and user experience. Additionally, they can ensure that the software application is secure, scalable, and maintainable by following software engineering best practices.
  • Undertake any other duties assigned or required by the company or project. By ensuring the best user experience, they can ensure that the software applications are intuitive, easy to use, and offer a seamless experience for users. By leveraging the JavaScript, Node.js, and Express framework, they can develop robust and secure applications. Integrating RESTful APIs, version control systems, and addressing cross-browser compatibility challenges can ensure that the application works across different devices and browsers, while also maintaining security, scalability, and maintainability.
  • Candidates should have the professional experience and expertise necessary to develop software applications using Node.js, Express, and SQL databases, as well as the ability to debug and refactor code to ensure code integrity and maintainability. In addition, candidates must be familiar with version control systems such as Git, be able to manage cross-browser compatibility challenges, and have experience working with cloud-based infrastructure such as Heroku.
Job Qualifications and Requirements
  • Minimum of a year in engaging engineering experience, specializing in backend development and delivering robust code-based solutions.
  • Proficiency in Node.js and hands-on experience with Express backend frameworks & SQL databases (MySQL or Postgres).
  • Knowledge of debugging and refactoring techniques to ensure code integrity and maintainability.
  • Passion for Object-Oriented Design principles, clean code practices, and software design patterns.
Application Closing Date:

21st July, 2023

Method Of Application:

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

For more details, visit the Hackcity website.

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New Remote Jobs – Work From Anywhere: Junior Backend Developer Needed at Hackcity Tech

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