University Of Montana Graduate Scholarship 2024

University Of Montana Graduate Scholarship 2024: Apply Now

University Of Montana Graduate Scholarship 2024

Introduction to University of Montana Graduate Scholarship 2024

Applications are now open for an MSc graduate scholarship within the domain of applied quantitative ecology at the distinguished Wildlife Biology Program, University of Montana (UM). The focal point of this project revolves around the enhancement and fine-tuning of abundance estimation techniques to gain deeper insights into the ramifications of management strategies on large mammal populations in Montana, United States.

The University of Montana Graduate Scholarship currently offers fully funded Master’s Scholarships for individuals keen on pursuing studies in the United States. This esteemed scholarship encompasses full tuition coverage, a comprehensive stipend of $26,000, and an array of additional benefits.

The chosen candidate will engage in close collaboration with esteemed researchers, natural resource professionals, and field technicians. Together, they will delve into assessing how animal distribution and behavior influence the accurate estimation of ungulate population sizes. Furthermore, the scholarship encompasses a monetary value of $26,000, catering not only to tuition but also encompassing health insurance coverage and additional benefits. 

The duration of this assistantship spans a generous two-year period, affording ample time for the selected candidate to immerse themselves in research endeavors and contribute meaningfully to the field of applied quantitative ecology. This scholarship opportunity thus presents a remarkable platform for aspiring scholars to pursue their academic and research ambitions in a thriving academic environment at the University of Montana. 

Eligibility Requirements for the University of Montana Graduate Scholarship 2024 

Additionally, interested applicants for the University of Montana Graduate Scholarship must meet the following requirements: 

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology, ecology, statistics, computer science, or closely related disciplines, and three of the qualifications below;
    • Experience with a programming language
    • Experience with spatial analysis
    • Experience with managing and analyzing wildlife monitoring data
    • Experience with field data collection

Required Documents 

Applicants are expected to submit the following documents: 

  • A cover letter must outline the following, each (300 words) in its section:
    • (a) motivations for pursuing a graduate degree in the topic of this position and description of professional goals;
    • (b) illustration of adaptability, initiative, follow-through, and capacity to learn new skills, and bring this project to completion; and
    • (c) description of a challenge that you had to overcome.
  • CV (max 3 pages),
  • Transcripts, and 
  • Names and contact details of three references.

How to Apply

To commence the application process for the prestigious University of Montana Graduate Scholarship, applicants are required to undertake the initial step by compiling all requisite documents and submitting them via email. These documents should be combined into a single PDF file and attached to the email. It is imperative that applicants include “MSc Montana Large Mammal” in the subject line to ensure proper routing of the application. The email address designated for submissions is [email protected], and the deadline for submission is set for May 1, 2024.

It is worth noting that the review of submitted applications will commence promptly upon receipt and will continue until the position is satisfactorily filled. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to submit their materials at their earliest convenience to ensure timely consideration.

Those deemed as top-tier applicants will be invited to proceed to the second phase of the application process. This entails applying to the esteemed Wildlife Biology Program within the University of Montana Graduate School. This step underscores the program’s commitment to rigor and excellence in the selection process, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates advance further in the application process.

Bear in mind that the deadline for the University of Montana Graduate Scholarship for the year 2024 coincides with the initial submission deadline of May 1, 2024. This alignment underscores the significance of adhering to the prescribed timelines and underscores the program’s commitment to maintaining transparency and fairness throughout the application process.

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