20240321 171626 0000 - 2024/2025 TotalEnergies International Master's Degree Scholarship for Young Nigerian Graduates.

2024/2025 TotalEnergies International Master’s Degree Scholarship for Young Nigerian Graduates.

Introduction to the TotalEnergies International Master’s Degree Scholarship


To qualify

Candidates must meet specific criteria outlined to ensure a competitive and deserving pool of applicants.

Applications are currently being accepted for the TotalEnergies International Masters Degree Scholarship, presenting an opportunity for aspiring scholars to pursue advanced studies.

Prospective candidates are required to possess a university degree, attaining a minimum of second class upper division. This prerequisite underscores the importance of academic excellence, setting a high standard for educational achievement.

Additionally, the degree must have been acquired within the past five years, emphasizing the relevance of recent academic pursuits and ensuring that candidates are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, successful applicants must have fulfilled the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme, a vital component of national service in certain countries. Completion of this program demonstrates a commitment to civic responsibility and affirms the candidate’s readiness to engage in broader societal contexts beyond academic endeavors.


By delineating these eligibility requirements, the scholarship program aims to attract candidates who exhibit a blend of academic proficiency, currency in knowledge acquisition, and a sense of civic duty. These attributes are essential for individuals poised to become future leaders and contributors to their respective fields and communities.

Moreover, the emphasis on recent academic attainment and NYSC completion ensures that scholarship recipients are well-prepared to leverage their education effectively, maximizing the impact of the support provided by TotalEnergies.

Through this initiative, TotalEnergies not only invests in individual scholars but also cultivates a network of capable professionals poised to drive innovation and progress in the energy sector and beyond.

In essence

The TotalEnergies International Masters Degree Scholarship offers a platform for talented individuals to advance their academic and professional aspirations, provided they meet the specified criteria that underscore the program’s commitment to excellence and societal engagement.

Young Nigerian scholars sponsored by TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited are being prepared for master’s degree programs in management science, engineering, and geosciences with a focus on the oil and gas industry in universities across France. The initiative aims to equip these scholars with specialized knowledge and skills relevant to the energy sector, particularly in the context of Nigeria’s oil-rich environment.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, these scholars will undergo rigorous academic training in renowned French universities, immersing themselves in cutting-edge research and practical applications tailored to the industry’s demands.

The sponsorship by TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited underscores their commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering expertise within the Nigerian workforce.

This opportunity provides a unique blend of academic excellence and real-world experience, enabling scholars with less than three years of experience to advance their careers and contribute meaningfully to Nigeria’s energy landscape upon their return.

By investing in the education and development of these young professionals, TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited is investing in the future sustainability and growth of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

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