Apply Now for the UTRIP Summer Internship 2024 (Fully Funded)


Introduction to the UTRIP Summer Internship

Applications are now open for interested candidates to apply for the UTRIP Summer Internship 2024 at the University of Tokyo, Japan. UTRIP stands for the University of Tokyo Research Internship Program. It is a fully funded summer internship for undergraduate (Bachelor’s, or integrated bachelor’s or master’s) degree students. The UTRIP Summer Internship is open to all foreign nationalities. Japanese citizens can not apply. 

The UTRIP Internship will run from (26 June 2024 – 6 August 2024). Approximately 40 days. The program that we are discussing here offers a wide range of activities that go beyond the bounds of the university campus. One of the main highlights of the program is a field trip to a historical or natural site in Japan, which is aimed at providing participants with a firsthand experience of the country’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, the program also includes various social and cultural events, which are designed to foster a better understanding of Japanese culture and create a positive rapport between the participants and the current students at UTokyo.

The objective of the program is to give participants an in-depth understanding of what it takes to complete a master’s degree program from UTokyo after completing an undergraduate degree. By participating in the program, participants will be able to gain valuable insights into the academic rigor and intellectual challenges that await them in a master’s degree program at UTokyo. Furthermore, the program’s focus on cultural immersion and socialization will enable participants to build strong relationships with current students at UTokyo, which can prove to be invaluable in their academic and professional pursuits. 

Financial Benefits of the Summer Internship

There is NO program fee. The UTRIP Interns will enjoy the hospitality of Japan for Free. The UTRIP Program will cover:

  • Accommodation (43 nights):

A privately managed off-campus residence for the interns. All rooms will be equipped with beds, desks and air-conditioning. A kitchen or a small kitchenette, fridge, laundry machine, shower room, and toilet are also available inside or outside of the room.

  • Meals:

You can enjoy any kind of meal in Tokyo and at the school cafeteria.  The school will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which are included in the price of your accommodation. You can also find a variety of restaurants in the area.

  • One-time Allowance:

This allowance will be provided for the Round-trip Airfare to Japan and daily expenses such as transportation in Japan.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An applicant must not have a Japanese Citizenship or a Japanese nationality.
  • Applicants from all other countries can apply.
  • An applicant must have completed at least one full year of a bachelor’s degree program.
  • One semester or quarter must be left after completing the internship and should be completed after returning.
  • Students on an integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s course are eligible to apply.
  • UTRIP is open to students in science, engineering, and all other relevant fields.
  • Be enrolled in a natural science or related field.
  • An applicant must be able to show English Language Proof through TOEFL, or IELTS, or those Students who have received an English-medium education continuously for the past 8 years are exempted from submitting English proficiency test scores.
  • Test scores that have already expired are accepted.
  • An intensive Japanese language course will be provided during the program.

Hosting Labs and Project Topics

  • Physics
  • Astronomy (None)
  • Earth & Planetary Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biological Sciences (None)

Required Documents

  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume / CV
  • GPA
  • English language qualifications
  • Scanned copy of the academic transcript
  • Recommender information You are required to submit one recommendation letter issued by a professor who knows your educational background.

How to Apply

  • UTRIP Internship Application: The applications must be submitted online by 9th January 2024.
  • Recommendation Forms: The recommendation letters must be completed online by the recommendation deadline of 17:00 on 16 January 2024.
  • Results: Selection notification will be announced on the UTRIP website on 8 April 2024

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