Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships In Youth & Child Development 2024/2025


Introduction to the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships

Applications are now open for the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships in youth and child development. The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is a globally competitive fellowship program for early and mid-career researchers whose work is dedicated to improving the learning and development of children and youth worldwide.  

The fellowship provides researchers with the opportunity to conduct independent research on a project of their choice and to gain experience within an interdisciplinary and international network. Fellows will also be provided with additional funding to attend the Jacobs Foundation Annual Conference.

About the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is a globally competitive fellowship program for early and mid-career researchers whose work is dedicated to improving the learning and development of children and youth worldwide. The relevant disciplines include, but are not limited to, education sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, behavioural science, computer science, pedagogy, linguistics, neurosciences, and the science of learning.

Scholars who want to combine multiple levels of analysis and work in multiple disciplines are especially encouraged to apply. Work to comprehend and value learning variability, to advance the creation, dissemination, and practical application of evidence on human learning and development, and to strengthen the ability to expand the implementation of successful educational policies and practices are all areas of particular emphasis.

The Jacobs Foundation is especially interested in the following questions:

  • How do variations in individuals and contextual factors influence learning, development, and learning outcomes?
  • How can we design for learner variability at scale to enable all children to reach their potential as learners and in life?
  • How can we produce interventions that reduce growing inequalities in children’s learning and overcome disparities in the impacts of digital technologies?
  • How can we address the role of data to help learners and teachers make informed decisions about their learning and teaching?

Fellowships are awarded to highly talented and innovative early and mid-career researchers who have received their PhD within the past 10 years. Funding from Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships is awarded directly to the fellow’s institution and may be used by the fellow over three years to cover a portion of the fellow’s salary and for any purpose in support of the fellow’s research, such as assistants’ salaries, equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, or trainee support.

Eligibility Criteria

The ideal candidate is a candidate who

  • has obtained his or her PhD or equivalent degree within the past 10 years;
  • is employed at an institution of higher education or research institute;
  • is conducting high-quality research in an area of interest to the Jacobs Foundation;
  • is committed to engaging with the Jacobs Foundation and the Fellowship Network and contributing to the Foundation’s activities.

Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria are weighted equally:

  • Past research accomplishments and publication records
  • Creativity and potential for serving as a leader in the scientific community
  • Scientific quality of methods and data
  • The international relevance of the fellow’s planned work
  • Potential for promoting human development and learning
  • Alignment of planned projects with the goals of the Jacobs Foundation
  • Willingness to support the Foundation’s aims and to engage with us

Benefits of the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships 

The fellowship program not only provides fellows with generous and impartial funding but also offers a diverse array of non-monetary perks. These benefits include access to mentorship, networking opportunities, professional development programs, and resources that can help fellows advance their careers and make an impact in their respective fields. By offering such a comprehensive package of support, the program aims to empower fellows to achieve their full potential and succeed in their chosen paths.

How to Apply 

  1. Click on the application link below.
  2. Applications must be completed by January 21, 2024. After this time, the application form will automatically close.

Three additional documents must be submitted:

To be uploaded in connection with the application form:

  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae, including a list of the candidate’s scientific publications
  • A published scientific paper by the candidate

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