The Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024

The Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024: Apply Now!

The Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024

Introduction to the Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024

The Laura Bassi Scholarship was established in 2018 with the primary objective of providing editorial assistance to postgraduate and junior academics who are actively engaged in research in underserved areas of study within their respective disciplines. The scholarship program is open to all disciplines, which means that any area of study can be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship is awarded three times per year, with the application deadlines being in December, April, and August.

The scholarship program covers the upper bracket of costs of editorial assistance for master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, and academic journal articles, respectively. Thus, if you are a postgraduate or junior academic, you can apply for editorial assistance for your research work, and the scholarship program will cover the cost of the service.

If you are currently enrolled as a master’s or doctoral candidate or have been employed full-time for five years or less as an academic, then you are eligible to apply for the Laura Bassi Scholarship. Moreover, there are no institutional, departmental, or national restrictions, which means that you can apply from any educational institution or country.

Benefits of the Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024

The selected candidates will benefit as follows:

  • Master’s candidates will be awarded a sum of $750 to support their academic journey.
  • Doctoral candidates will receive financial aid of $2,500 to help them with their research work and educational expenses.
  • Junior academics who have demonstrated exceptional promise will be awarded a sum of $500 to further their academic pursuits.

Eligibility Criteria

All students who are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program are eligible to apply for the opportunity, regardless of their area of study or specialization. Additionally, academics who have been employed full-time for no more than five years are also eligible to apply. It’s important to note that there are no institutional, departmental, or national restrictions that would prevent any qualified individual from applying, regardless of their background or affiliation.

The application process is open to all who meet the eligibility criteria and is open to all nationalities. In addition, applications will be accepted from anywhere in the world.

How to Apply

  • Applicants are required to submit a completed application form along with their CV using the portal prompted by the ‘Apply’ button below by the relevant deadline.
  • To help defray the scholarship’s administrative costs, applicants are subject to a voluntary USD 10.00 fee. All applicants who are unable to pay the application fee are welcome to take advantage of the fee waiver option on the application portal. Please consult the FAQ below for instructions if you wish to pay the application fee in a non-USD currency.
  • Answers to common questions about the application process are provided in the FAQ section. To avoid delays, applicants are encouraged to read the FAQ carefully before writing to them with their questions.
  • Please do not submit your application material by email, as this would breach impartiality rules and potentially invalidate your application. If you wish to update your application material, please upload your documents using the same email address as your initial submission. Your dossier will then be updated automatically. Please also note that your application documents need to be uploaded together rather than separately.
  • Bear in mind that the deadline for applications is July 24, 2024. 

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