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ShE is Empowered Development Program For Young African Women.


The Africa Matters Initiative (AMI) is seeking applications for ShE is Empowered Program.

This is a one-year, non-residential, virtual training program for girls and youthful African ladies.

Furthermore, girls fastening on leadership and soft skill development, Social advocacy, entrepreneurship, and mentoring are required. 

After completion, candidates leave with a solid group made up of youthful African women leaders.

Also, allocated instructors, proof of participation, and recently learned capacities are granted. 

Support from the AMI platoon to manage social impact enterprises within their communities is guaranteed

The layout of the ShE is Empowered Development Program 

Also, Check Bridge for Billions’ Women Innovators in WASH Incubation Program for Women Entrepreneurs.

The program includes three( 3) factors.

The first is a bi-monthly program of educational and interactive sessions that include experts on diverse areas(e.g. monetary knowledge, fiscal knowledge as well as social entrepreneurship, and other motifs.) that are rounded by obligatory assignments.


The other aspect is mentorship. Hence, each ShE Leader has a tutor assigned to support their professional and particular growth.

The third element is a community engagement program which requires every ShE Leader.

This is needed to identify the issues that impact their communities and develop sustainable results to varnish social shafts. The CEP will be completed before the conclusion of the program.

Recommended: Watson Western Union Foundation Fellowship for Young Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders in 2023

Financing Information 

AMI will offer information to aspirants who are successful in carrying the online sessions as well as seed finances to support the development of a community engagement enterprise.

Still, if the expenditure of a design is more advanced than what’s available, plutocrats candidates must raise the remainder.

Strategies and tips for fundraising will be communicated throughout the program.


This program is free.




Once you’ve completed your ShE program, you’ll be part of the Alumni Network of AMI ministers and Leaders. As an alumnus of the program, you’ll be suitable to be a tutor for incoming ShE Leaders, and attend or host AMI- related events or sessions in your country.

You will continue to work in Africa Matters as an AMI Intern; help with Africa Matters flagship programs; become a ShE pollster application analyst.

Also, share in new Domestic Summit and/ or AMI- related events( if the finances are available) and any further.


The eligibility Criteria to be a part of the ShE is Empowered Development Program 

In the 2023 cohort, twenty youthful African women aged 15 to 29 will be part of the program, which includes those countries that are Ghana, Malawi, Egypt, Botswana, Kenya, Tunisia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Sierra Leone

For more information

Visit the Official Page of the ShE is Empowered Development Program

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