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SADC Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Faculty For Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs.


The SADC Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Programme – 2023 is now open for applicants! 


With a focus on women and youth-led enterprises, this program provides mentorship and business support.

It also gives access to resources to help entrepreneurs build renewable energy businesses. Applicants can find information about the program and apply online.


Application Deadline – 13th November 2022.

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About SADC Support Faculty for Renewable Energy Entrepreneur

The SADC Renewable Energy Faculty for entrepreneurs sole purpose is to leverage entrepreneurs from challenges.

The majority of these challenges are in line with business management and operation. This helps them develop their businesses and reach new heights. By working with paraprofessionals in the field, they can provide support that is tailored specifically to their needs. This allows them to succeed and develop their businesses without feeling overwhelmed or hindered.

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Membership and Partners.

The SADC has announced that it is including the Ocean States in its membership. Thereby, adding another layer of legitimacy and credibility to the organization. Membership in the SADC is becoming increasingly important for countries looking to promote their economy and boost their development. 


This move by the SADC comes as a joyous occasion for proponents of member countries. This is because it strengthens their ties and supports cross-border cooperation. It also offers an opportunity for businesses to gain access to key resources and opportunities.

This will be beneficial in developing economies. 

The benefit of the SADC Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Faculty.

 Joining the SADC will strengthen economic ties between member countries and help them achieve difficult synergies. The addition of these Ocean States creates a wealth of opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get involved in the region’s growth.


IRENA and the SADC Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SACREE) are teaming up to help accelerate access to modern energy services. This collaborative effort is aimed at helping entrepreneurs achieve their renewable energy goals while reducing energy wastage. The partnership will provide support to several IRENA programs, including the Solar Electricity Market Operator (SEMO), the African Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), and the Caribbean Clean Energy Programme.


There have been many challenges faced by entrepreneurs in recent years, one of which is the need for technical aid and supervision. This was put in place to help these entrepreneurs overcome specific areas of the challenge.


  Small-to-medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) are one of the most marginalized and underfunded sectors of the economy. They face many challenges, including a lack of access to resources, low quality of life, and inadequate opportunity. However, this movement is strategically enhancing and strengthening the capacity of SMEs to bring their innovative ideas to reality. This movement is making available necessary resources and support, which will help SMEs build their businesses and provide access to the necessary resources.


How can I apply for the SADC Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Program?


Applications are to be forwarded to [email protected] with the template



  • Small to medium entrepreneur (SME) companies should have been in operation for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years, according to the Small Business Administration. This opportunity is important for businesses that have not yet reached the size of a large company but are still growing at a fast pace.


The entrepreneur enterprises that share membership with the SADC membership States and Ocean States are suitable for the application, especially women/youth-led managed enterprises with an age range of 18-35 are advised to apply. 


  • The training will be organized online as funds will be raised for mobilization and accommodation if physical training is required. In addition, the internet will offer a secure and comfortable platform for participants to connect, which should make for an interesting and exhilarating experience.


  • The renewable energy entrepreneurship program at this facility is specifically tailored for young entrepreneurs. This allows them to get the financial backing they need to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. In addition, the program provides sponsorships and networking opportunities that can help them continue to grow their businesses.


  • Selected entrepreneurs would be funded to partake in the training workshop. The workshop would include an overview of technical support services, as well as tips on how to best utilize these services.


Take home:

If you’re looking to get a green project off the ground, you’ll want to focus on refinancing it and expanding your enterprise development efforts. These two steps will help you see tangible results in a shorter amount of time. 


For more information, 


Visit the SADC Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Faculty Home Page


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