20220918 141701 scaled - Halcyon fully Funded Fellowship Program($10,00 stipend, free rent etc.)

Halcyon fully Funded Fellowship Program($10,00 stipend, free rent etc.)

Halcyon Flagship Residential Fellowship Programme. Details

The Halcyon Incubator is committed to solving 21st-century challenges throughout the nation and the world. By helping social entrepreneur fellows transform audacious ideas into scalable and sustainable ventures, the Incubator acts as a catalyst for measurable social outcomes.

During the Halcyon Flagship Residential Fellowship, a diverse cohort of fellows receives free residency and workspace, mentorship and leadership coaching, robust support from business consultants, and a living stipend to develop their entrepreneurial vision.
Applications are now open and interested applicants are advised to apply

Fellows engage with the program in two major stages:

Residency (5 months): Fellows live and work at Halcyon’s headquarters in Washington, DC, with total access to expert guidance. They participate in core programming that includes family breakfast, pitch sessions, skill series, advisor office hours, and more. Hard work and dedication during this phase culminates in a final showcase to a curated audience of partners, mentors, advisors, supporters, and potential investors.

Post-residency (13 months): Fellows continue to have access to free workspace at Halcyon, with additional resources available to build their networks, secure funding, and grow their venture.

Halcyon’s well-honed methodology fosters creativity through an environment of freedom, access, collaboration, and support. It gives prospective impact leaders the physical and mental space to freely take risks and exercise their ingenuity.

By removing barriers and supplying resources,

Halcyon empowers visionaries regardless of their means or circumstances, disrupting the status quo around who has access to entrepreneurship opportunities.

Flagship Residential Program Features
Rent-free housing in Washington, D.C. during the residency period
A lifelong community of fellows in social enterprise

Pro bono leadership coaching
1 year pro bono legal support
Pro bono Deloitte consulting
Individual mentor
$10,000 stipend
Skills training sessions
Peer learning sessions
Access to world-class network of advisors
Opportunities for investment


To be eligible for the Halcyon Flagship Residential Fellowship, you:
May be from anywhere in the world and your venture may be focusing on any business sector, as long as it is an early-stage impact-driven venture (i.e. prioritizes social and/or environmental good along with business success)

Must be the CEO and/or hold primary decision-making power in the growth and strategic vision for the venture’s development and management
Must be able to make a full-time commitment to work on the venture during the residency phase

Must be able to postpone any undergraduate or graduate course work during the residency phase
Must already live or work in the U.S. or be able to obtain a visa for the residency phase

Must be fluent in English
Must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program

May apply on your own or with up to one Co-Founder who meets the above eligibility requirements.
Must be willing to contribute to the growth and development of Halcyon’s fellow community

To be eligible for the Halcyon Flagship Residential Fellowship, your venture:
Must be an original idea of the applicant(s)

Must be early stage (you are too far along to benefit from Halcyon’s fellowships is your venture is earning $500,000 USD in annual recurring revenue)

Must be an independent or autonomous venture that is not under the direction of an existing organization

Must have plans for a sustainable business model to generate revenue by selling a core product or service
Must be a for-profit or hybrid venture with the core mission is to create measurable social and/or environmental change

May not be a 501(c)(3) non-profit venture


Impact. Successful applicants demonstrate a significant impact as a core part of their venture. We look for impact both in terms of how impactful the core product or service is, and how scalable is the model to spread this impact.

Problem/Solution. Does your venture identify a real and pressing problem and propose a viable solution? Strong applications effectively and narrowly define a pain point and outline a solution that addresses the pain point.

Sustainability. We’re looking for innovative social ventures that sell a core product or service to achieve impact.
Execution. The application is our first introduction; get off on the right foot. Successful applicants have a big vision but also pay careful attention to detail.

Innovation. How is your solution to a problem different from current solutions? What sets you apart? We value audacious ideas that disrupt the status quo and move the needle on 21st century challenges. Think big!

Talent. Do you have what it takes to lead your venture to success? Strong applicants exhibit characteristics of extraordinary leadership: vision, intelligence, resilience, and follow-through.


Each application received by Halcyon is reviewed by a group of Halcyon team members, Fellows, and stakeholders who make up the Halcyon Selection Committee.

Initial Review. After the application closes, Halcyon Incubator team and Fellows conduct two initial rounds of application review. These reviews narrow the applicant pool down to approximately 10% of applications designated as semifinalists. The semifinalist applications are forwarded to the semifinalist review committee for further consideration.

Semifinalist Review and Finalist Selection. While the semifinalist review committee deliberates to narrow the semifinalist applications and select the finalists, a Halcyon team member contacts the semifinalists to notify them that their application is still under review and to ask them to confirm their continued interest in and eligibility for a Halcyon Fellowship. If semifinalists reached any additional venture milestones since submitting their application, they are welcome to share this information with the Halcyon team member.

The Semifinalist Review Committee narrows the semifinalist applications by half, designating the Halcyon Finalists who are invited to the Virtual Pitch Day. Halcyon Finalists represent approximately 5% of the original applicant pool.

Virtual Pitch Day. Finalists are notified by a Halcyon team member and invited to participate in a virtual pitch day. Finalists are given five minutes to deliver a virtual pitch (without slides) and five minutes to answer questions from members of the selection committee via a Zoom video conference.

Pitch day gives the Halcyon team members and the selection committee the opportunity to interact with finalists and learn more about each venture.
Final Selection. After pitch day, members of the selection committee select the new Halcyon Fellows.

For more details and Application visit here

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